Yearly Archives: 2023

A Miracle Happens “I had undergone laser surgery to replace the lens of my eyes. I was recovering. Suddenly my cornea was attacked by an unknown virus overnight. Both of my eyes were being attacked. I went to an emergency unit to consult an ophthalmologist daily. But the reason could not be found. I had tried all the prescriptions. All of them couldn’t work, but they worsened my infection instead. I became almost blind. The doctor was at a loss […]

China News & Prayer (2023.03.25-31)

My Second Chance in Life “I remained conscious after a car crash. Workers on the road helped make an emergency call. The doctor didn’t allow me to fall asleep after I was admitted, even at night time. But I slept and didn’t wake up after more than half year. A tube was being inserted into my stomach which had bleeding. The doctor told my family that I was in a coma even though my heart continued to beat. I was […]

China News & Prayer (2023.03.18-24)

Hold On Tight to God “My wife now is in the hospital and expected to give birth any time. Please continue to pray for a safe delivery for the mother and child, the mother’s recovery and baby’s health. My wife’s platelet count is low and will need a blood transfusion during delivery. The blood is ready and everything is prepared. May God protect my wife to get through this delivery safely and reduce her pain. I feel so anxious and […]

China News & Prayer (2023.03.11-17)

Grace of The Lord “My family had believed in the Lord since the year my father committed suicide. After that, the believers of our village asked my mother to believe in the Lord. Then my family members became believers. But our faith has been lukewarm for more than ten years. I’m engaged in the business of fish culture involving Asian swamp eels. But the temperature is much higher this year. Many Asian swamp eels have died. I’m very worried because […]

China News & Prayer (2023.03.01-10)

Doubt in Faith “After listening to today’s radio program, I wish to give myself to God and be at His service. But there is a voice lingering in my head, saying ‘You are not good enough. You are not spiritual’; and that voice has haunted me for more than 20 years since it was said by a senior lady who was regarded as spiritual. She has died but her voice is still around. I’m conflicted as the voice within keeps […]

China News & Prayer (2023.02.22-28)

Worried about Grandson “My elder grandson is in Grade 6 who loves playing video games at home every day, crying and screaming when he loses. This elder grandson always eats takeaways and drinks Coke and has only been out of hospital for a week because of cough and asthma. His father was mad at this elder son, so my daughter took the child back without discussing with him. After graduating from primary school and beginning his junior high school next […]

China News & Prayer (2023.02.15-21)

Articulation Problem “I truly repented and believed in the Lord in the Fall of 1991. For several days, I asked God for forgiveness of all the sins I could think of. A week later I was baptized. I have listened to your programs intermittently for over 30 years, and I’m in my fifties now. I’m eager to share the truth that I have learned from Radio Liangyou programs, not for rewards or anything. However, my church-mates disapproved me of speaking […]

China News & Prayer (2023.02.08-14)

Feeling Inferior “How are you? I was comforted listening to your programs when feeling extremely anxious or scared. Like what the host has said, I feel inferior to others. I think I am really stupid. I will get upset and anxious over trivial matters and always feel weird. And, thus, I am in an unstable mood and not feeling easy. Your programs have gradually calmed me down. However, I still feel inadequate and unhappy with myself. I always think that […]

China News & Prayer (2023.02.01-07)

Mother Forces me to Marry “My mother is concerned about my marriage because I’m 26 years old, got no stable job, and with no local household registration. She posted my profile on dating websites and was upset to find no one was interested in me. Out of the fear that I might not be able to get a good partner, my mother therefore asked me to return to my hated accounting job and relocate my local household registration. She also […]

China News & Prayer (2023.01.23-31)