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My Difficult Life “I’m an ankylosing spondylitis patient and walking is getting more difficult to me. I have been a Christian for more than 30 years, yet I have frequently thought about death experiencing pain and difficulties in my life. Why doesn’t God take me? Why does God leave me here to suffer? Listening to Radio Liangyou for long time, I have got some Knowledge of the Bible. Good health allowed me to lead group gatherings in church. Wheelchair-bound now, […]

China News & Prayer (2023.11.25-30)

Parenting Dilemma “I really have a parenting issue with my son. He has no interest in doing his homework. But I don’t want to hit him because violence won’t solve the problem. I’m confused and lost, yet at the same time, I have confidence and high expectations for him in my heart. I think he’s really great and innocent. He often reads his favorite storybooks in class. I’ve been considering homeschooling him, but his father doesn’t support it and I […]

China News & Prayer (2023.11.18-24)

Changed by the Lord “I’m much better now than before. I have been making continuous efforts to abstain from impure thoughts and masturbation. When I use my phone, I occasionally watch videos of beautiful women, but I try my best to redirect my attention. My physical recovery is not ideal yet. I have depleted my kidneys and damaged my nerves, so the improvement in my physical symptoms is a bit slow. I am grateful to be able to recover like […]

China News & Prayer (2023.11.11-17)

The Confused Youth “I have known the Radio for almost one and a half year and was comforted and encouraged when being at the lowest point in my life. My 22-year-old daughter has been exposed to undesirable web pages. I have found her masturbating lately. Feeling very annoyed, I do not know how to help my child get rid of this bad habit. Please pray for her. Please teach me how to talk about this subject with my child. I […]

China News & Prayer (2023.11.01-10)

Facing Difficulties “My mother has suffered from a cerebral infarction and a brain aneurysm. She has been in the hospital for a month and a half. Her left hand and left leg are paralyzed, and swallowing food is difficult. It is extremely challenging to take care of her daily needs. The disease not only torments her, but also exhausts the physical and mental strength of our family. Taking care of my mother has already disrupted our normal family life. We […]

China News & Prayer (2023.10.25-31)

Regretful Heart “I am 28 years old. I had got married and my husband’s family condition was not good. I became pregnant and had no job. I was very anxious. I was worried that I would not have enough money to give birth to my baby. My relationship with God gradually became estranged. Occasionally, I visited a gambling website as I wanted to make some money. But then I had lost all my money. Yet I still rebelled against God […]

China News & Prayer (2023.10.18-24)

Return To The Lord “I had followed my mother to believe in the Lord since I was a child. But I stopped going to church when I worked outside as a teenager. It was nearly ten years after I got married that I returned to the church. I have experienced too many difficulties in my marriage. So I am so dishonoring God’s name. So I keep silent and I dare not preach the gospel to others. I am worried that […]

China News & Prayer (2023.10.11-17)

Willingness to Forgive “My mother takes care of me at home, and the place of worship is just one unit away. Due to my health issue, I cannot attend and I am left to worship alone! During the pandemic, my family hosted brothers and sisters for over a year, but now that restrictions have eased, they no longer come. One sister sent me a text message with hurtful words, and it saddened me deeply. Thanks to God’s love for me, […]

China News & Prayer (2023.10.01-10)

Willingness to Change “I felt so hopeless in 2021. I had a very difficult relationship with my son when he just got married. As his then girlfriend was a non-Christian, I strongly opposed their marriage. I wasn’t aware of my problems until talking with your program host. Learning to let go, I rely on God to change my actions and let God’s love bind our family together. Now, I live in harmony with my family, and we have a terrific […]

China News & Prayer (2023.09.10-16)