China News & Prayer (2023.12.10-16)

Spiritual Partners

“I enjoy reading the Bible alone in a quiet environment, but am afraid of praying in front of people. That is why I don’t join the cell group. I want to have a spiritual partner with whom I can learn to pray together and overcome the fear. I have no one to share my emotions with in the church nor walk with me. My husband doesn’t like reading the Bible or praying, and only attends the Sunday services. Serving in the church, he believes in worldly values and has thrown tantrums on me. Feeling lonely on the spiritual path, I keep praying for my husband but don’t know God’s will. To me, praying is very difficult and requires deeper understanding. Hope that one day I know how to pray. It is amazing to pray for others!”

(Brother Chen)

  • May God prepare a spiritual partner for sister Chen so that they can support each other. Pray that her husband’s life will change and will walk with sister Chen in Christ’s love.

Medical Insurance Rumor

The National Healthcare Security Bureau (NHSB) issued a statement to dispel a rumor about the article. The NHSB clarified that upon the launch of the reform on General Support Mechanism for Covering Outpatient Medical Bills under the Basic Medical Insurance for Urban Employees in various areas, individual accounts for medical insurance of urban employees would remain unchanged in three aspects according to the requirements of “Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Establishing and Improving a General Support Mechanism for Covering Outpatient Medical Bills under the Basic Medical Insurance for Urban Employees”. The aspects include: refund of the premium balance of personal accounts will remain unchanged; the proportion and flow of personal premium payment of urban employees will remain unchanged and the full amount of the premium will be transferred to their personal accounts; the policy of the waiver of premium for retired employees will remain unchanged.

(“China News Net”, October 27, 2023)

  • Pray that the medical insurance system can reduce the stress on the social protection system and also the public are able to pay medical bills and receive timely treatment.

Neighbor Relations

“My child has always been emotional. After returning to home, my child cries and doesn’t want to live at home. He is addicted to games. Please pray for my child. May God help him study with peace around him at home. We have problems with our upstairs neighbor who have kept making noise for more than one year. It is because we were being noisy catching a bat one night last year. We explained and apologized. However, they didn’t listen and made even louder noise after my child returned. I always sleep with earplugs throughout this year. My husband wants to sell the flat and buy another one elsewhere but is reluctant to do so as it has been only a couple of years since we bought this flat. My husband has been unemployed for one year. May God have mercy on us and help us during this hard time.”

(Sister Xu)

  • May God give sister Xu wisdom to handle the problems with her neighbor and help her build a friendly neighbor relation. May God change her son and help him quit gaming.

Murder Solved

22 years to the day that the murder happened, it was solved by the Police of Maojian District, Shiyan City of Hubei through the use of modern technologies. The case happened in 2001. Without CCTV, crime weapon and witness at the crime scene, old technologies baffled the investigation. New leads have been uncovered this year upon completion of the three-year compilation of a biological sampling database by local police. After multiple comparisons, a suspect was targeted for investigation. His biological samples and related features were collected, analyzed and investigated. Finally, the suspect accepted that he had committed the crime.

(“China News Net”, October 31, 2023)

  • Pray that criminals can be identified through police investigation and leads developed with advanced technologies, and people are protected from victimization. Pray that criminals will repent and not escape punishment, and have a chance to change to a good person.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcasting Theme: Someone says that there is no growth without pain. This is the process of growth. No one likes pain no matter what people say: “An uncut gem goes not sparkle.” and “Heaven will confer great responsibilities on this people.” etc. The process is too difficult anyway. People always feel that they cannot get through it. But Radio Liangyou will enter this difficult stage with listeners in 2024. The broadcasting theme for year 2024 will be designated as “Trim and Train” !
  2. Self-study Platform: The self-study platform of Liangyou Theological Seminary has been very popular among users since its launch. Our co-workers are still thinking over and trying in respect of both the learning platform and examination model. In the future, we will add examination questions in form of words, hoping to help learners master and strengthen their ability to express in words. This will make them more comprehensive and mature in pastoral services and delivering sermons.