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The Lord Will Do the Rest “I had stayed at my boyfriend’s place in Wenzhou for only 25 days. I got no defecation all through, problem of acclimatization perhaps, that I headed back home as no hospitals in Wenzhou could help me out on the issue. I was overwhelmed with bitterness and grievances–having no job, even got diagnosed of lupus. My constipation problem was eventually dissolved after hospitalizing for a week, with drips while fasting in my hometown. More than […]

China News & Prayer (2018.02.22-28)

Thanks to God’s Presence “After my graduation from my college, I was not admitted to the graduate school. Then I attended an interview by a small bank in my county to obtain an employment. But I was still eager to upgrade myself through graduate study. So I resigned and now prepare for the examination for my second enrollment, but I encountered a lot of difficulties. My mother was hospitalized. My sister was also diagnosed as having a health problem. My […]

China News & Prayer (2018.02.15-21)

Pray for Me “My blood pressure goes up and down irregularly. The problem is my insomnia. Sometimes I have severe fever and endocrine disorders. I take three tranquilizer tablets per night and inhale oxygen at lunch and night time because of my insomnia. I gain a little physical strength after taking Chinese medicine. But I am weak spiritually and I do not want to pray. I just listen to Radio Liangyou. My 79-year-old husband has minor depression and he refuses […]

China News & Prayer (2018.02.08-14)

Rectal Cancer “I am from Shanghai. Became a Christian two or three years ago and have been listening to Liangyou every morning since then. Recently, my mother was diagnosed as advanced rectal cancer. It has in fact spread into the bones, giving her waist and legs lots of pain every day as chemotherapy awaits. I pray God to heal my mom; have her severe pain subsided and live for a longer while. Grateful for your prayers on my mom’s health!” […]

China News & Prayer (2018.02.01-07)

Neglecting the Family “Having spent most of the time in church, I left little for my own family. My husband who shoulders all our financial and household issues has, by time, gathered loads of grievances and complaints against me. In 2017, I was asked to join all the church’s missionary trips. Having been away so often, my husband and I are not as intimate as we used to; we don’t share that freely and frequently with each other as we […]

China News & Prayer (2018.01.23-31)

Fragile Personality “I am 21. Fragile inside and have poor relationship with others. In fact, I have no friends and, since very young age I have been abused and discriminated. My parents didn’t understand me so I suppressed my feeling and kept these grievances to myself. My personality is alike to my grandmother who extremely cares about the interpersonal relationship with others and their views on her. Now, my life is but loads of bitterness, resentment and inferiority. Lest being […]

China News & Prayer (2018.01.16-22)

What Should I Do “I have been listening to God’s words for so many years, but I cannot put into practice. My faith very weak and I am lazy. I cannot keep praying. I also have no power of practicing God’s words. I want to spread the gospel but I am frightened. Being introverted, I seldom interact with other people in my church and leave immediately after services. When I encounter Christian brothers and sisters, I do not take the […]

China News & Prayer (2018.01.09-15)

Tongue-tied “Having graduated for almost two years, I am sitting for the examination for certificated teacher qualification again; as I failed it marginally at the last few attempts. The exam is approaching now, please pray for me. I am rather inarticulate and shy; so when comes to the biblical teaching, ‘Do not be yoked together with unbelievers’, may our Lord grant me a quiet heart, fearing not of my growing age but to experience the joy and peace of the […]

China News & Prayer (2018.01.01-08)

In a Mess “My husband is not a Christian and our marriage is a mess. He is rarely at home now; neither would he tell me his whereabouts. I had a stomachache last mid-night and vomited badly. I called him to come home to care for me. He agreed. But when I texted him several more times, he said a complication arose and he dared not return home then. Without any specific explanation, I worried about him so much that […]

China News & Prayer (2017.12.25-31)