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Lanzhou “Brucellosis” “The Lanzhou Biopharmaceutical Factory used expired disinfectants in its Brucella vaccine production, leading to the incomplete sterilization of waste gas from the production fermentation tank. The waste gas carrying the bacteria-containing aerosols then spread along causing about 11,000 people infected. As the disclosure of this incident came too late, all patients have missed their best time for medication. They got chronic brucellosis at the end of which no effective cure. The drugs prescribed are badly damaging to human […]

China News & Prayer (2021.04.24-30)

Developmental Retardation “We really don’t want to send our child to hospital anymore. The doctor’s diagnosis includes dysplasia of cranial nerves, dysphagia, laryngeal cartilage softening, heart disease and developmental retardation of the demanding physical exercises. Our child’s condition has been pretty good for the recent two months. Although our child has had a high fever, it is God’s grace that makes the fever gone. I think there is nothing difficult for God to accomplish. When my child was in the […]

China News & Prayer (2021.04.17-23)

Brightness Needed “Recently I have met bad guys and bad things. So I feel panicked. Looking at their ugly and hypocritical faces, I cannot control myself and want to repay evil for evil. Every New Year my heart is full of fears. I don’t want to bring about unhappiness, but some people always touch your bottom line deliberately. I have prayed for the Lord’s presence for countless times. Yet I’m still on my full guard against those wicked people. I […]

China News & Prayer (2021.04.10-16)

Million in Debt “I’m a person with debts of over a million! I have hit rock bottom and am struggling if I can start over my business again. Feeling lost in life. What should I do? There are prayers after prayers. And by the messages from ‘Streams in the Desert’ and radio program, I gain the comfort, encouragement, and strength to live on. Three years have gone, I’m still heavily indebted. When I asked the radio for help on this […]

China News & Prayer (2021.04.01-09)

My Mother’s Love “My mother accepted the gospel because of my elder brother’s serious illness. God blessed us very much and my elder brother was healed. But he has been mischievous, stirring up trouble and stealing. So my parents really have no solution. My mother has given up her work to concentrate on praying to God. This has lasted for ten years. However, my brother went to jail eventually because of repeated thefts. He finally refrained from the bad habit […]

China News & Prayer (2021.03.25-31)

Losing my Son “The pain of losing my son is so excruciating that it is like my sins that even my belief can’t be of help. Since his death, I have locked myself up. I do neither scripture reading nor attending any church gatherings, for fear that someone would raise his name before me. My son was baptized since early childhood. He however stayed away from God due to his work in Angola. He was an interpreter and he drank […]

China News & Prayer (2021.03.18-24)

Feeling Lonely “I’m 27 years old. I am poor in socializing. When I mix with youngsters I can never be as cheerful and talkative as they do. Even in front of young kids, I am still at a loss for words. Days around Spring Festival or holidays are therefore nightmares for me because there will be many family gatherings with relatives whom I find hard to cope with. While they are having a jolly time talking and laughing, old or […]

China News & Prayer (2021.03.11-17)

Can Sacrifices be Eaten? “Can my children eat sacrifices? If I interfere with them, my mother-in-law and husband will not be happy. They think that the children belong to their family. After all, the children cannot help the temptation of delicious food and keep asking: Can it be eaten? I tell them in private that they cannot, and I will buy if they want to eat. Sometimes the children do not eat because they are afraid to make me unhappy. […]

China News & Prayer (2021.03.01-10)

Learning a Lesson “I’m divorced. I have just received the verdict. The custody of my child is awarded to his father. I have to pay an annual alimony of RMB$1,500 until the child reaches the age of 18. While the court was adjourned, the court clerk told my sister in private that if I wanted to be granted a divorce, we could give the Judge some money. My sister gave the clerk RMB$1,000 for her to pass on to the […]

China News & Prayer (2021.02.21-28)