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Migrant Workers in Cities Migrant workers have changed their attitude markedly toward their “big apple”: a lick is fine but not for a bite! Their urge for getting an “urban passport” is diminishing. In these few years, quite a number of rural workers, who are mostly unskilled, rush to cities for work. The cost of living there is rather high but their wages are low and their jobs are unsteady. These migrant workers are therefore discouraged to settle in cities […]

China News & Prayer (2018.04.22-30)

Scarred in Marriage “I am a married Christian. Please pray that I can play good roles of a mother and a wife in my family. I feel that I am always very foolish that this had led to worry of the Holy Spirit. I often quarrel and even fight with my husband. Therefore both of us have been scarred in our marriage. I really hope that my life will not go on in this way again. I want to change. […]

China News & Prayer (2018.04.15-21)

Getting Through Conflicts “I really thank the Lord for always loving such a sinner like me. I really do not live up to God’s expectation. There are a lot of contradictions in my family, including conflicts between husband and wife, and conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. All these have made me very painful. Fortunately, I have got through these gradually. My husband and I are also growing up continuously. My family has become much more peaceful. Currently, my husband takes […]

China News & Prayer (2018.04.08-14)

A Precious Opportunity “Christmas is the best time to spread the gospel. Our church is blessed to be nearby numbers of temporary accommodation for construction workers. While these workers awaited their wages before winter breaks, the church grabbed the chance to invite them to come for tea and listen to the gospel. Among them five have turned to Christ and we asked God to remember their needs and hoped that they would receive their wages very soon. God answered our […]

China News & Prayer (2018.04.01-07)

Ill Feeling “I am 24 years old and my relationship with my family is extremely poor. I hate my parents deeply and I dislike my brother and his wife too. They are all unbelievers and I was always scolded and belittled during my childhood. I hence have no sense of gratitude towards them. My mom called me today asking me to give red pocket to my niece to celebrate her birthday. I turned her down immediately, feeling offended. Nevertheless, the […]

China News & Prayer (2018.03.24-31)

I Am Much Encouraged “The U.S. has just rejected my visa application twice within a week. I guess that this is because I am a single woman. My education level is not high too. It is very regrettable that I cannot attend my best friend’s wedding. There are many regrettable things in our life. I went to Mongolia to attend a youth evangelical event last October. I was much encouraged by their enthusiasm and faith in God. I also saw […]

China News & Prayer (2018.03.17-23)

Demanding Parents “Sister Ni, who loves the Lord, only asks that God chooses her whole family and guides them to return to the Lord. Her nine-year-old grandson is very cute and clever. The grandson’s parents are demanding and harsh. They think that it is not enough even his result is good. The kid does not have time to rest nor to relax. He often tells his grandma: I am too tired! But she has no way to protect him. Yesterday, […]

China News & Prayer (2018.03.10-16)

A Living Dead “From time to time I thought of committing suicide. But God prohibits us from doing so, though there seems nothing worth me living for. I have two poor kids. My illness has tortured me for almost two years as cough and vomiting would cause me sleepless at night while even a breeze would make me sick. My marriage was over since my postpartum period. I now have to accept all the doings and sayings of my mother-in-law, […]

China News & Prayer (2018.03.01-09)

The Lord Will Do the Rest “I had stayed at my boyfriend’s place in Wenzhou for only 25 days. I got no defecation all through, problem of acclimatization perhaps, that I headed back home as no hospitals in Wenzhou could help me out on the issue. I was overwhelmed with bitterness and grievances–having no job, even got diagnosed of lupus. My constipation problem was eventually dissolved after hospitalizing for a week, with drips while fasting in my hometown. More than […]

China News & Prayer (2018.02.22-28)