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Learning a Lesson “I’m divorced. I have just received the verdict. The custody of my child is awarded to his father. I have to pay an annual alimony of RMB$1,500 until the child reaches the age of 18. While the court was adjourned, the court clerk told my sister in private that if I wanted to be granted a divorce, we could give the Judge some money. My sister gave the clerk RMB$1,000 for her to pass on to the […]

China News & Prayer (2021.02.21-28)

God Opens the Way “I used to be the pastor of a church of cell groups. I’m 35 years old, unmarried. At that time, a married sister who is almost 50 years old has been approaching me constantly. She has even kept hinting that she wants me to be with her. She has also used all means to destroy the relationship between me and other Christian sisters. Once she knows which single sister I have connection with, she makes troubles […]

China News & Prayer (2021.02.14-20)

God’s Love Can’t Be Felt “I have believed in God since my childhood. I’m now 27 years old, but I still cannot feel God’s love. The gap between teachings and real experiences of God is great. I have tried to be submissive, yet it is hard to be embraced by God’s love. My childhood experience of being abused has been torturing me and affecting my spirit, soul and body up to now. I cannot find a way out in my […]

China News & Prayer (2021.02.07-13)

Entering Puberty “My son is 13 years old. He is entering puberty stage and has become rebellious. He blocks me from his WeChat Moments. I used other account to read his Moments. I discovered that he falls in love with a girl. I don’t know if it is out of curiosity of the opposite sex, but I’m worried that frustration over relationship with the girl will bring psychological harm. I haven’t asked him about his love affair nor interfered in […]

China News & Prayer (2021.02.01-06)

Granddaughter’s Blood Cancer “Ask God to save my 5-year-old granddaughter, has got blood cancer. My son loves her very much. I have been divorced for nearly 15 years. My husband has been indulged in whoring, gambling, drinking and smoking. It is God changed me so that I do not hate him. I ask him to visit granddaughter together when she has become sick. My granddaughter was punctured for testing in Beijing Children’s Hospital. The result indicated that her cancer was […]

China News & Prayer (2021.01.23-31)

Inner Darkness “Every time when my uncle and aunt come to my home stirring up troubles, images of brutal revenge would run through my mind. If there had had no God in me, I would have hurt them. Instantaneously, I realize how a horrible sinner I actually am! I used to see my uncle and aunt as devils, but now I find myself the true one. When there is disagreement, I usually hold my breath or simply get it through […]

China News & Prayer (2021.01.16-22)

At the Crossroads “I’m going to take a master’s degree in the Composition Department of the China Conservatory of Music (at the East China Theological Seminary) in Beijing. Its learning atmosphere is however doubtful as their cultural classes opened for arts students are less sophisticated. I also concern that their emphasis in ethnic music may shatter my devotion to sacred music. Will I lose my original intent? Will I be assimilated or brainwashed? Worried that I will not learn much […]

China News & Prayer (2021.01.09-15)

Ganzi Tibetans “We came to Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Diqing, Yunnan and Tibetan area to preach the gospel. Here almost all Tibetans are Buddhist. There is no Christian and church. Please ask the Lord to open the door of preaching the gospel in Tibetan area, and make the unreached Tibetan abandon their idols and accepts God. In God’s love, whether the king or common people, all need God’s salvation. So our great commission is to preach the gospel to them. We […]

China News & Prayer (2021.01.01-08)

Bound by the Rules “I was called by the Lord at around June 2014. I then studied Calvinism; yet women ordination is disallowed at orthodox church. I didn’t care about that at the beginning, but when His call got more assuring half a year later, I had to come out from my mother church to run and pastor my new pan. Starting from 2-3 people, I got no financial support, no co-workers. Squeezed by the pressure, I pastored the church […]

China News & Prayer (2020.12.24-31)