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Lack of Love “I am a girl who has been left out by my mother who only likes boys. I have lacked love since my childhood. My mother often criticizes me with hurting words. I am 42 years old now. Her hurting words have been remaining in my heart. I got married at the age of 21. I am extroverted but my husband is introverted. Our temper is conflicting. Every time when we talk, we quarrel. We have not communicated […]

China News & Prayer (2019.10.10-16)

The Best Blessing Ever “In 1998, I spent RMB 300 for a short-wave radio in order to listen to international radio broadcasts. Inadvertently, I ran into Radio Liangyou while I was scanning through the newly bought. But as a non-Christian that time, I simply whipped over to the next channel. Deeply thankful to the brothers and sisters of Radio Liangyou, later in about 2001 I met the Lord through your program. Despite some perplexing moments in life thereafter, God keeps […]

China News & Prayer (2019.10.01-09)

A Christian Family “When I was still in high school and yet a Christian, I started listening to Radio Liangyou. In the dormitory, I listened your programs every night. It was like listening to stories. Until one night, my radio was confiscated by the patrolling teacher. By that moment, the radio was still on, the teacher also heard the program. I silently prayed, that if our God was real, He would let me have it back. Truly, the teacher returned […]

China News & Prayer (2019.09.23-30)

I Don’t Advocate “I don’t advocate that my daughter give up her job and attend basic theology program organized by the church. My daughter works for rehabilitation in a hospital. She is deeply adored by the majority of patients. I have told her that she should not act rashly when she is not clear about the guidance of God. But she has been influenced by the local pastor! In fact, my husband does not want our daughter to study theology. […]

China News & Prayer (2019.09.16-22)

Runaway Girl “This is an urgent matter which requires your help. Please pray for the girl, Zhenzhen, and ask God to pity and rescue her. I have warned her many times but she does not listen to me and insists on violating God’s words. Please pray that she can stop her relationship with the man who has made her body sin. She is a Christian but that man is not. I do not want to see a person falling into […]

China News & Prayer (2019.09.09-15)

In-law relationships “I was born in the 80s. Got married seven years ago; with two daughters. As a Christian, I want to glorify God and edify others. Nevertheless, I always lose my temper when being challenged. My father-in-law is a chronical diabetic patient and must rely on medication heavily. This makes the life of my parents-in-law a torture. My mother-in-law, who is a typical manipulator, has heart disease and will get very sick if she is ignored by other family […]

China News & Prayer (2019.09.01-08)

Cheated on Husband “Having been deceived by a man, I cheated on my husband. That man then set me up and haunted me to the point that I almost divorced my husband and committed suicide. Though we haven’t divorced in the end, my husband always ignores me and treats me badly. I am not forgiven! He loses more money on gambling, saving me not even a penny! I must repent and confess my guilt to the Lord to get rid […]

China News & Prayer (2019.08.24-31)

IExtremely Charismatic “When I was young, I believed in the Lord together with my mother. Compelled by my father during my secondary education, I left the church like a prodigal son. Until 2015, God called me back to church again. My church is in Chongqing while my mother’s is in Wanzhou. The two churches are connected to each other. Last year, the leaders of my mother’s church joined heresy and left. Then my church told us to be careful in […]

China News & Prayer (2019.08.17-23)

I Don’t Want to Give in “I feel that my husband has not been family-oriented from the time of our marriage to the present. He has not thought about the education of our children. Neither has he thought that his wife needs his company. He has worldly values. I feel that living with such man is very painful. I do not know whether I should let go the children and go to his place to remedy our relationship first or […]

China News & Prayer (2019.08.10-16)