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Breaking Away Homosexuality “I have been inclined to homosexuality since my childhood and up to the time before my belief in the Lord. My parents were divorced when I was one year old. I have been living with my father and grandmother since my early age. My grandmother was very strict. I was introverted and felt inferior. My classmates often bullied and assaulted me. Being unable to resist, I accepted myself as a homosexual. I consulted a psychological counselor after […]

China News & Prayer (2017.09.16-23)

Strengthen My Mother “My mother, who has serious illness, lives in a remote village. When she was in critical condition last year, I preached the gospel to her. Relying on the grace of the Lord, she has been steadfast in her illness up to the present. But her condition has been worsening. There are neither churches nor pastors near my mother’s home. She also has no other Christian family members. I am worried that she is lonely and weak spiritually. […]

China News & Prayer (2017.09.09-15)

High-speed Rail Admission To meet the nationwide onset of college entrance examination admission, there prompted a bombardment of school enrollment advertisement of all sorts on WeChat groups. Among them is the “High-speed Rail Admission” which in the name of “100% Job Guaranteed Course” and “Graduation-to-job Package”, trying to make high-speed rail the hottest professional above all. The so called “Institute of High-speed Rail” is in fact training unit which might have acquired no campus or venue for studies. Some would […]

China News & Prayer (2017.09.01-08)

A Rare Chance of Interview “It’s unusual to get a job interview for a trading position at a piano factory. Having no experience in the field, the company had ignored my application. But out of curiosity, my sister and I went to the factory and saw how the workshop operates. While I was about to leave, I popped by the Personnel and asked a staff about this position. My sister persuaded the staff to let me fill in an application […]

China News & Prayer (2017.08.25-31)

Being Weak before Temptation “I am becoming extremely temperamental and easily into workplace confrontation with others. Despite that I will make up with them at the end, I hate myself for being so annoying. As a Christian, I really come short of the glory of God. In addition, I am a homosexual and I failed to stop myself from having sex again last month. I know God is true and there will be judgment on my evil, but I am […]

China News & Prayer (2017.08.17-24)

Longing for Changes “I was baptized and returned to the Lord in 2011. But I seem to come out of chaos in my life until this year. Now I can feel a little joy out of confidence. Last Friday, my anger suddenly broke out in front of my elder sister. I had said something to hurt and despise her. My Christian faith dropped to the lowest level once again. Has my religious pursuit been built on sand for the past […]

China News & Prayer (2017.08.09-16)

A Shattered Family “At first, my boutique business in Zhengzhou was doing quite alright. A steam-room business later rented the second floor of our building and by launching talks and trainings the shop became busy and their customers increased. I learned via internet that they were indeed operating some kind of concealed multi-level marketing. Later on, my wife also opened her own steam room, leading to an eventual loss of RMB 200,000 within half a year; our boutique was gone […]

China News & Prayer (2017.08.01-08)

Got Pregnant “I am a Christian, 32 years old and am now one month pregnant by my non-Christian boyfriend. He doesn’t love me nor intend to marry me. He and his parents want me to do abortion as my pregnancy is still early. Disregarding my explanation that abortion is a violation to Bible’s teaching, they don’t concur but warn me that I am digging my own grave if I insist. Reckoning this as lose-lose situation for my boyfriend and the […]

China News & Prayer (2017.07.25-31)

Frequent Sharp Pain “There is a tumor on my right foot. My doctor has told me that it is a lipoma. It is also diagnosed as a benign tumor which will not deteriorate with a probability of 99%. But it always causes sharp pain which I cannot stand. This situation has continued for about a year. I do not know whether this is the God’s will of calling me to be awake and pray early in the morning or this […]

China News & Prayer (2017.07.17-24)