Hard Work in Sweat “My parents are engaged in recycle business. They could bear it when they were young. As they are getting older, they have felt it is very difficult. They have also asked my grandfather to join this business. Currently my mother is really unable to work on this anymore. But she has never been employed. My father also doesn’t want to change his career. He doesn’t know what other job he could do. I hope that my […]

China News & Prayer (2022.09.24-30)

Inharmonious Relationship “Being 42 years old, I have been married for 18 years and have three children. My husband is a non-Christian and we always argue and even fight. We had a big argument two months ago. He asked me to leave and get out. I was filled with anger and therefore left. He then criticized me through text messages which made me even angrier. He doesn’t allow me to go home and I don’t go back neither. I don’t […]

China News & Prayer (2022.09.17-23)

Fed Up “I became a Christian in 2002 and got married in 2003. My husband and his family accepted Christ when they were young. Having a daughter and a son, we aren’t in a happy marriage. My husband is suffering from liver disease and manic depression. He always throws a temper at me and even hits me. Feeling broken and fed-up. I’m trapped in pain and so desperate to leave. I don’t believe that I can live well in the […]

China News & Prayer (2022.09.10-16)

Studio Upgrade: Plans for studio upgrade has been made quite some time ago. The first set, Studio B, is about to be completed and usable soon. Please pray for the next phase on Studios C and A. With the pandemic, uncertainties in logistics may arise more frequently. May our gracious Lord see to it that delays are minimized, and the project will be accomplished on schedule. User Adaptation: For a new set of recording equipment, users need to adapt to […]

Prayer Request (2022.08)

A New Leader: Starting in June, Rev. King-yin HO has set sail on a new voyage as our Acting Chief Executive. In addition, Mr. Daniel CHOW also takes up his appointment as Officer-In-Charge of the General Office. May the Heavenly Father guide them with His mighty power, as they take up and lead the Hong Kong team in the journey ahead. A New Platform: “Liangyou Anywhere” was launched in July. Please see details at Radio Liangyou’s website (URL: regarding […]

Prayer Request (2022.07)

Mandate in Succession In the past two or three years, a handful of our staff and missionaries, including myself, have reached their retirement age. May the Lord establish the work their hands have done. Pray also for other staff in succession that they may carry on the good work with wisdom and strength from above. Broadcast by Radio-waves As the challenges the ministry must tackle become increasingly difficult, pray that the Lord will undertake that all various platforms may operate […]

Prayer Request (2022.06)

After 20 years of faithful service in FEBC Hong Kong, Rev Raymond Lo will retire from the position of Chief Executive with effect from June 1, 2022. The search for a successor is proceeding and Rev Ho King-yin will serve as Acting Chief Executive while we wait upon the Lord. Rev Ho has been a Board member of FEBC Hong Kong for many years. We are confident that he and the staff team, with the guidance from our Lord, will […]

Retirement of Chief Executive

Due to the periodic inspection of electrical installations in the building, our website ( will be suspended for most of the day on April 10, this Sunday. The broadcast of our programs will not be affected. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Temporary Suspension

In-depth Scrutiny — In order to authenticate that they are free from the virus, citizens have no option but to wait in long lineups for testing — it’s never like a pleasant day out. The broadcast theme for Radio Liangyou this year is “Grow and Glow” which reminds us that growth in spirituality needs in-depth scrutiny. A life that is pleasing to God also needs to go through pruning, an essential yet painful process. Timetable Change — Our broadcast timetable […]

Prayer Request (2022.03)