Walk through the Dark Valley “Due to my negligence, I was cheated out of more than two million RMB dollars. I reported the case to the police but nothing was revealed by the investigation. Suffering the torture, I lived a life without cause. It looked like the situation was changing for the worse. Charged with drink driving, my son was fired from a job where he worked really well. He and his wife got divorced dealing with the conflict. It […]

China News & Prayer (2024.03.16-22)

With a Loyal Heart “My wife and I had been serving in a province at northern China for over ten years. Due to the pandemic and the bad environment, our work was confronted with slow progress. We considered returning home for other development. In the meantime, God has placed us among some university students. We have been longing to serve young people. Our inner fire was ignited again and we decided to stay. The university students gather at our home […]

China News & Prayer (2024.03.09-15)

Starting A New Life “My younger brother used to like playing games, drinking and smoking every day. He did not work, and he borrowed money from every source. He had lived in this way for about seven years. He had also hurt all his relatives and friends because he did not even repay them. My mother and I often persuade him but to no avail. We have changed our attitude towards him after communicating with the program host of Radio […]

China News & Prayer (2024.03.01-08)

Eager for a Breakthrough “A university graduate in 2023, I got a job after having gone to all the trouble. Being a newcomer in the company plus an introvert, I have faced with many challenges and sometimes felt hopeless. Thinking negatively about myself, I have been engulfed by inferiority feelings. Unable to express myself and interact with others, I know that I do not have a healthy mind. My parents pray for me every day. I have been going to […]

China News & Prayer (2024.02.23-29)

Manifesting Christ “My job falls under civil service management guidelines as my work is affiliated with the public sector. Both my colleagues and superiors are aware that I’m a Christian. I strive to live out my faith and not cause harm to the name of Christ, though I’m far from perfect with my many flaws and moments of weakness. Thankfully, God continues to watch over me. Recently, my workplace conducted a survey of employees’ religious beliefs. I heard rumors that […]

China News & Prayer (2024.02.16-22)

Doubts and Denials “My husband is firm in his belief in salvation, while I often have doubts. Ironically, I pray and read the Bible every day, but my husband doesn’t. The church asked us to give a testimony of gratitude, but we repeatedly declined. We serve in many capacities at the church, such as cooking, cleaning, repairing the sanctuary, taking care of infants and young children. However, I don’t understand why I’m so unwilling to give a testimony. I feel […]

China News & Prayer (2024.02.09-15)

Looking Back: This year happens to be the 65th anniversary of the inauguration of FEBC Hong Kong. In customary practice, the fifths are less celebrated than the tenths, perhaps that’s why I was not aware of the occasion at the beginning of the year. Coincidentally, several of our staff members that were born 65 years ago are also reaching their ripe age ready for retirement. Each one of them has been our good partner serving with us faithfully over these […]

Prayer Request (2023.05)

After 20 years of faithful service in FEBC Hong Kong, Rev Raymond Lo will retire from the position of Chief Executive with effect from June 1, 2022. The search for a successor is proceeding and Rev Ho King-yin will serve as Acting Chief Executive while we wait upon the Lord. Rev Ho has been a Board member of FEBC Hong Kong for many years. We are confident that he and the staff team, with the guidance from our Lord, will […]

Retirement of Chief Executive

Due to the periodic inspection of electrical installations in the building, our website ( will be suspended for most of the day on April 10, this Sunday. The broadcast of our programs will not be affected. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Temporary Suspension