Rooted in Christ “Thank you for the faithful service provided by Radio Liangyou for decades to allow more and more people to hear the pure gospel. Thank God for teaching me for more than 10 years through the radio programs. Learning God’s words has made the foundation of my faith take root and grow in Jesus Christ, and has let me understand more and more the Words in the Bible. May God bless Radio Liangyou so that the more it […]

China News & Prayer (2023.09.01-09)

Lord Please Guide Me “I am tired and weary, and only read the Bible on and off without persistence. May God give me a spiritual partner. I am worried about my family members who are not Christians. There is neither any Christian in my village. Back to my homeland, my neighbors oppose to my religion. I have to be careful every time I speak. I am eager to have God being in my village, with my family and friends to […]

China News & Prayer (2023.08.24-31)

Verbal Abuse “I am confused and troubled. What the church leader says and what I have experienced contradict each other. He belittles me as weak and cowardly, wounding me with his words. Not just once, he would only be fond of those with personalities like his. Now I do not even want to face him, I do not want to attend gatherings. Praying remains futile. I suffered a severe mental blow after my mother’s accident. I wake up from sleep […]

China News & Prayer (2023.08.17-23)

Unexpected Diagnosis “Last week, my 70-something-year-old father-in-law was suddenly diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and has only about 10 months left. This has had a significant impact on my husband’s emotions. Since then, I have noticed that his emotions have been fluctuating greatly. Their relationship is usually not very good, and they often quarrel. This sudden event has been difficult for him to accept. I couldn’t help but argue with him just now. Every time he gets angry, our youngest daughter […]

China News & Prayer (2023.08.10-16)

Suffering from Lung Cancer “The cancer of my husband has spread from the lung to bones. He has severe pain. Please pray for his soul and his hardened heart. Having a bad cough, he is reluctant to go to the hospital and is very bad-tempered. I asked what he wanted to do and whether he had any last words. He said no. I said I would like to have my ashes thrown in the ocean after my death. He asked […]

China News & Prayer (2023.08.01-09)

A Group of Female Students “In 1985, an elder of my church and his friends encountered a group of students from Hong Kong during their visit to the Huangguoshu Waterfall scenic area. He recorded in a special issue, ‘We met a group of Hong Kong female students who were traveling. The gospel they preached to us at that time has borne fruit through the Holy Spirit, through the word of God and through his son Jesus Christ. We are now […]

China News & Prayer (2023.07.24-31)

Disagreements “My family has believed in the Lord for 30 years. A total of 13 family members had been baptized. Disputes arose and communications failed due to disagreements among the host family. The matter concocted out of nothing many years ago was basically a misunderstanding. But we are driven out of the church. We pray for the Lord’s work day and night. Our whole family lives a life of peace and joy through weeping, repenting and relying on the Lord’s […]

China News & Prayer (2023.07.17-23)

Renege Suddenly “We have already broken up. I know that my partner has just found a spiritual excuse to break up with me. He cannot accept me. I have heard that he is about to be ordained as a pastor. He has suddenly reneged because my past may affect his ministry. Once I committed the sin of cohabitation without marriage. Later, I only knew that it was essential to marry someone in the Lord. I chose someone in the Lord […]

China News & Prayer (2023.07.10-16)

Emotional Disorder “My husband has anxiety and suspected depression. He tutors our fourth-grade daughter in math, but with an abnormally irritable temper. When he is tutoring her, I can’t say anything or he will get mad. I also observe that the daughter is very anxious too, and it is really painful to see my husband’s explosive rage and my daughter’s suffering. During a recent stomach examination, he was diagnosed with anxiety disorder by the doctor. When his temper flares up, […]

China News & Prayer (2023.07.01-09)