Portable Missionaries

In 2004, FEBC began a “Portable Missionaries” project. We specially distributed a large number of “missionaries”, the radio, to the unreached! To Chinese people living a hard life, short wave radio is the only treasure in their homes. To the workers, radio is their fellow-companion in their loneliness and hard labor. To the rich and the intellectuals, radio is the most modest medium that brings them masses of information.

With the increasing popularity of mobile phones in the mainland, we give “portable missionaries” a new packaging – micro-SD card. With its small size and large capacity, a micro-SD card allows people to listen to 70+ hours of our programs focusing on mental health, workplace, love affairs, marriage and family. We also have separate micro-SD cards with programs in selective dialects.

Missionary teams are encouraged to give out these micro-cards to those with financial difficulties and living in remote areas, the disabled and the disadvantaged people. Please contact us for more details.