Local Ministry


Launched in 2017, Soooradio is a brand new ministry for FEBC Hong Kong serving the local Cantonese-speaking people in Hong Kong. Soooradio is a station based on Christian values and the vision of faith. Together with professional broadcasters and local churches, we aim at producing programs for the youth and for the local community. You can listen our programs via www.soooradio.net.

RTHK- Community Involved Broadcasting Service (CIBS)

Since 2015, FEBC Hong Kong has produced a number of CIBS programs with different themes. Our programs are not limited to the expression of pure faith. Our hosts will add the values of faith and outlook on life on different themes and contents. We hope that our voices will become the blessings of Hong Kong. Among them, “Dance with Sickness” was selected as one of the “Top 10 Outstanding Programs” at the CIBS Awards 2018.

Local Cross-cultural Broadcast

According to figures released by Hong Kong government, the number of non-Chinese in Hong Kong has risen by nearly 20% in the past ten years, accounting for more than 650,000 of the total population, of which Filipinos and Indonesians account for 30% and 27% respectively. With the supports and resources of FEBCs worldwide, we are exploring the development of local cross-cultural broadcast to serve the minorities in Hong Kong. We sincerely invite the Hong Kong churches to participate and become partners to serve such a unique group of people!