Training Ministry

Liangyou Theological Seminary

Bible Seminaries in China are not well established and in need of improvement and upgrading. Opportunities for Bible training are scarce. Believers may become pastoral leaders within a short period of conversion if they have literacy skills. Therefore they are greatly in need of suitable theological training. In view of this great need, a Bible training broadcast series was released in 1982 and it later became the very popular Liangyou Theological Seminary, LTS (Website:

Throughout the years, Liangyou Theological Seminary is committed to meeting the needs of the churches in Mainland China, earnestly developing programs through multimedia, teaching biblical truths, building up moral characters and the faithfulness of missionary workers and volunteers, raising up healthy churches, glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ.

Programs Offered

Courses of Liangyou Theological Seminary are designed towards indigenization and contextualization. Currently there is a 2-year “Diploma Program”, as well as a “Navigation Program” (the original “Foundation Program”) and a “Higher Diploma Program”. The “Diploma Program” consists of 28 core and 8 elective modules, totally 36 modules. A diploma is presented after passing each module exam and a graduation sermon.

Lecturers of Liangyou Theological Seminary correspond with students to gain a fuller understanding of their lives and learning needs, they also hold training camps in the mainland, as well as visiting them and their churches. It is our hope that each student can thrive in the Lord.