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Radio Liangyou at WeChat: Brother Zheng of Jiangsu is a second generation listener of Radio Liangyou. He has not only witnessed FEBC’s advance in the use of WeChat and mobile apps, but also benefited from it. “My dad is a Christian. I’ve been sitting beside him listening to Radio Liangyou’s programs ever since I was small. Later, having to work outside, I wasn’t able to carry a portable radio with me. Then I prayed to God. Can I possibly tune […]

Prayer Request (2017.05)

I Am Innocent “I was surprised and helpless since I was sentenced to one year’s imprisonment a year ago. I had neither fraudulent mind nor fraudulent behavior but I was convicted. The judge and the presiding judge did not find out the reality of the case. They just adopted the fabrication and lies of the prosecution side to judge. It was really incredible. I feel the terror of injustice. I hope that my appeal will turn my defeat into victory. […]

China News & Prayer (2017.05.17-24)

Hui People for the Lord The Hui people are the most extensively dispersed minority group in China. With a population of over 10 million, they are the third largest in number, widely dispersed throughout China with a small concentration of over 40% in the Ningxia, Gansu and Xinjiang. According to a rather rough official definition, they are Muslims who speak Han Chinese. The SCMP reports that among other terrorist attack warnings, some anti-Islamic sentiment and comments are beginning to spread […]

China News & Prayer (2017.05.09-16)

A Violent Teacher “Last time, while my daughter’s teacher was humiliating us with verbal warnings during our meeting, she was at the same time hand thrashing a number of students with her long ruler hurrying them to finish their classwork. Despite my daughter’s young age of 9, she starts feeling her life meaningless and always wants to die. As a mother, I am blamable for neglecting her and not realizing how pressurized she is to her school and teachers. Thank […]

China News & Prayer (2017.05.01-08)

Listener Responses: In March we received 7,440 responses from mainland listeners, a rise of 42% from the previous month. Radio Liangyou web portal downloads neared 1.9 million, a 16% more. The total listening hours of Liangyou Radio’s streaming media reached 22,163 hours, also at a rise of 12%. We have 650 more ‘Liangyou Fans’ and 122 new students enrolled at LTS. Please keep on praying for our gospel broadcasting ministry on the mainland. May the Lord bless our fellow countrymen through […]

Prayer Request (2017.04)

The population of Mainland China is more than 1.3 billion. As seen from the table below, there are 97.95% non-Christian!   Regions Population (ten thousand) Number of Christians (ten thousand) Percentage of Christians  Countrywide (2015) 137 462 2819 2.05%  Northern China  Beijing 2171 17 0.78%  Tianjin 1547 23 1.51%  Hebei 7425 226 3.05%  Shanxi 3664 80 2.17%  Inner Mongolia 2511 50 2.00%  Northeastern China  Liaoning 4382 96 2.20%  Jilin 2753 55 2.00%  Heilongjiang 3812 84 2.20%  Eastern China  Shanghai 2415 63 […]

Population and Christian Distribution

After two years’ basic Bible training, God’s call came to me and He placed me in a historical but desolate village church. However, even with the two-year training, I still found myself inadequate and was longing for further training. But limitations because of age, family and church setting deprived me of the opportunity. In 2013, with the referral of a co-worker, I applied for the LTS diploma program. I was doing my LTS studies while serving. My servings were rather […]

Paradise for Believers

I became a Christian in 2007, and have been listening to programs of Radio Liangyou through WeChat for quite a long time. When the programs were not broadcasted through WeChat, I downloaded them to my mobile phone and listened to them while travelling in a vehicle. Liangyou’s programs have cultivated my spiritual life. The messages touch on a wide range of subjects. I am motivated by the teachings on family, personal life and characters of Christians and family obligations, and […]

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