A Greater Blessing “I have believed in the Lord for more than 30 years. When I was young, I incidentally listened to Radio Liangyou. I thought it was ridiculous at the time because the content of the radio program was completely different from the education I received. I listened to it with my father, and I was scolding while I was listening. But I believed in Jesus within a month. I clearly remembered at the time that I was crying […]

China News & Prayer (2024.07.11-17)

Blessed with a Child “When I was pregnant with my third child, my husband was totally against it. We already had two boys, I didn’t have a job, and all the pressure was on him alone. The checkup showed I was carrying another boy, so my husband treated me poorly and sometimes even cursed at me. I knew as a Christian I couldn’t have an abortion – this was a blessing from Jehovah – so I insisted on giving birth. […]

China News & Prayer (2024.07.01-10)

Enlightened By God “My husband and I used to quarrel all the time. Basically, I did not even realize that it was my fault. The quarrels between my husband and me are all related to small matters caused by me. I am willing to rely on Jesus in order to change myself. Thank God. He has made me realize that people should not be impulsive all the time. When we quarrel, I have learned to change the subject so that […]

China News & Prayer (2024.06.24-30)

Grow Together “With resentment and bitterness taking root, I found it so hard to forgive people. Feeling helpless and insecure, I lost joy and hope in life. Not fully trusting the Lord, I was unable to entrust my burdens to Him. Under such chaotic condition, I discovered Radio Liangyou by chance. Listening to the hosts’ friendly voices, I felt so warm, so welcoming. The host talked about the Bible. The content was familiar to me and comforted my lonely heart. […]

China News & Prayer (2024.06.17-23)

Master the Meaning “The latest session in the program ‘D Classroom’ is very helpful to me, in particular self-management. I have been working for some years but made no progress in my career and felt anxious. The program has made me understand more about God’s will and impressed me so much. Do not think that you must maintain and use the skill that you are good at. Choosing to play and invest in the skill that allows you to glorify […]

China News & Prayer (2024.06.10-16)

Not Forsaken Me “Once I lost my original faith and no longer love God. I have a lot of resentment, fear, feelings of being hurt, anger and bitterness. My husband is often unreasonable, selfish, indifferent, and controlling. I have used human methods to find a way for myself so as to escape from my own cross. Therefore, I have suffered a lot and my inner life has been hurt very much. Subsequently I have realized that my life direction is […]

China News & Prayer (2024.06.01-09)

Workplace Relationships “I have poor interpersonal relationship at work and find it difficult to adapt to the environment. It’s very painful and I feel oppressed and targeted. I also disagree with some of their practices, so I’m considering changing my job. There is a company that is currently recruiting. The competition is intense though, especially I don’t have any significant edge. I feel tangled and struggling. Over the past eight years of work, none of my colleagues have become believers. […]

China News & Prayer (2024.04.24-30)

Program Renewals: Multiple programs have plans for revamping, and we seek the Lord’s help in guiding the team’s thinking, exploration, and establishing the direction of these programs. May God grant wisdom to our program team members to quickly adapt and engage in His work even in the face of limited manpower and resources. We earnestly hope that listeners can find help through the programs. Training for Workers: The cumulative number of students admitted to Liangyou Theological Seminary to take traditional […]

Prayer Request (2024.04)

Looking Back: This year happens to be the 65th anniversary of the inauguration of FEBC Hong Kong. In customary practice, the fifths are less celebrated than the tenths, perhaps that’s why I was not aware of the occasion at the beginning of the year. Coincidentally, several of our staff members that were born 65 years ago are also reaching their ripe age ready for retirement. Each one of them has been our good partner serving with us faithfully over these […]

Prayer Request (2023.05)