Choose to Forgive “I got pregnant last year, and I returned to my hometown to live with my mother. After that my husband became obsessed with gambling. My contact with him became less and less. He could not conceal his situation but said that he lost more than RMB 480,000 through gambling. I’m willing to endure hardships with him. I’m not afraid of living in poverty. Why does he go gambling? Although I have been pregnant and cried terribly, he […]

China News & Prayer (2021.09.16-22)

God Be Merciful: The Coronavirus, rampant for almost 2 years, has no sign of slowing down. Our radio ministry relies on airwaves, so that part is not affected much. However, other media platforms needed to be adjusted accordingly. Pray to our merciful God that the Gospel, the salvation message, and the Truth may find a way over mountains into hearts that are thirsting for water and the morning light.    Laboring Together: While we are all anticipating the coming of […]

Prayer Request (2021.09)

Poisonous Gas “I called the authority up with my real name to report that a factory in our village was emitting poisonous gas. As a result, my name and phone number were leaked. The person I had complained about brought the village committee secretary to my house and they warned me not to complain again. They said otherwise, there would be no good results. The factory is next to my house. It starts to emit poisonous gas after mid-night every […]

China News & Prayer (2021.09.09-15)

You or your friends once showed much enthusiasm for religion, but then gradually became less devoted after experiencing hardship in life, such as illness, human relationship, workplace or failure. Let us pray that God will rest His healing hands upon you and lead you to turn to Him again. The audience mentioned below has held on greater faith to God and committed themselves firmly to the religion when life got difficult. Amazing Response “I came to know Radio Liangyou when […]

The Proper Way to Have Life

Must listen to him “After praying, I don’t feel bad nor ache in my heart; only that I don’t have any strength to love my husband. He often hurts me and children with bad words, kicks me and slap me (with control because he doesn’t really want to batter me). I don’t feel pain physically but my heart aches. He demands that we must listen to him and there is no two-way communication. We are forced to obey him. I […]

China News & Prayer (2021.09.01-08)

Leaving the Christian Faith “To protect my children against the disturbance of evils, I follow the local customs to bear them amulets! Having lost my faith in the Lord Jesus, I now turn to Buddha instead. In fact, many times, I so wanted you to pray for me and my children over the troubles we are running into. Meituan Delivery draws people of other fields to abuse and hurt us. Regretfully, I don’t believe in God anymore. I quit listening […]

China News & Prayer (2021.08.22-31)

My Younger Sister and I “My younger sister has come to Shenzhen to live with me. Although we live together, we seldom interact. I want very much to be her friend but I don’t know how to do. We were apart since we were young. We didn’t have any heart-to-heart communication. So, when she graduated, I insisted she came to live with me so that we could cultivate our relationship. I’m thankful that we can live together now but I […]

China News & Prayer (2021.08.15-21)

Staying Tuned “To me, Radio Liangyou is a family, a spiritual home and a source of daily strength. I can hear many like-minded voices which nourishes my soul. Talking about learning of the Radio, it was something that happened more than ten years ago. I’m someone who loves listening to the radio. When I was small, I used to stay with my grandmother during the holidays. My grandmother’s life was very simple. There was no need for the television. For […]

China News & Prayer (2021.08.08-14)

Preaching the Word: We hold fast to the mission on broadcasting the gospel. But we know our work in equipping workers in the Mainland is not done, preaching the Word of God must go on. Circumstances may be new, so are the atmosphere and norms, that’s why we need to move forward in new ways so our countrymen may hear the good news and be blessed with eternal life. Pray that the Lord will grant us new opportunities. New Workforce: To implement […]

Prayer Request (2021.08)