Indescribable “After I gave birth to my second child, there was something wrong with my body. Sometimes I woke up in the morning with panic and fear, and sometimes I felt extremely uncomfortable. I don’t know if I was upset, anxious, or flustered. The discomfort caused by my feebleness upset me indescribably. I couldn’t take care of my children as tolerant and loving as before. Since postpartum, I have been taking medicine intermittently. I don’t know when this will get […]

China News & Prayer (2022.01.22-31)

Grow and Glow — A New Theme: Radio Liangyou’s new theme for the new year is “Grow and Glow” — that listeners may mature spiritually, fruit of the Gospel may flourish in seeking souls, and partners of this broadcast ministry everywhere may be pleasing to the Lord in our lives and services. The mandate “Christ to the World by Radio” remains unchanged, the goal to maturity remains the same in Christian organizations and missions, in the same way, followers of […]

Prayer Request (2022.01)

Doubts About Faith “More and more youth are leaving our church. Most believers attribute their action of leaving to the temptation of outside world and the devils or their personal weakness. What I have observed is the darkness inside the church. Young people have come with enthusiasm, but have left with disappointment and embarrassment. Their hearts are full of doubts about faith. Frequently they have been urged to serve and to shoulder heavy responsibilities that they cannot bear. Moreover, the […]

China News & Prayer (2022.01.15-21)

Faith Inherited “I’m a second-generation believer. Although I have known God for ten years, my spiritual life hasn’t grown. I really want to get close to God through reading the bible and praying. Yet physically I’m always powerless to put these into practice. My husband has also inherited his belief from his family. But he doesn’t understand the Word of God at all. I want to improve myself in order to attract him to follow the Lord. But I am […]

China News & Prayer (2022.01.08-14)

Soul-searching “After listening to today’s program, I feel like the issues discussed are all about me. The topic of marriage has to been taught from the Word of God, and everyone has to learn. Right after I had got married, my life became so chaotic. I often quarreled with my husband. There seemed so many contradictions in the family. When one issue was being discussed halfway through, my ego would come out and I would insist on my opinion till […]

China News & Prayer (2022.01.01-07)

God Before Us: The typhoon “Lionrock” reminds me of this city symbolized by the Lionrock mountain. This is exactly where FEBC Hong Kong has been doing the Gospel radio ministry for over 60 years — albeit operating at present in an “autumn-winter” mode. Yet we firmly trust that the future is in God’s hands. We just need to look up for His grace and expect His wonderful works! “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember […]

Prayer Request (2021.11)

God Be Merciful: The Coronavirus, rampant for almost 2 years, has no sign of slowing down. Our radio ministry relies on airwaves, so that part is not affected much. However, other media platforms needed to be adjusted accordingly. Pray to our merciful God that the Gospel, the salvation message, and the Truth may find a way over mountains into hearts that are thirsting for water and the morning light.    Laboring Together: While we are all anticipating the coming of […]

Prayer Request (2021.09)

You or your friends once showed much enthusiasm for religion, but then gradually became less devoted after experiencing hardship in life, such as illness, human relationship, workplace or failure. Let us pray that God will rest His healing hands upon you and lead you to turn to Him again. The audience mentioned below has held on greater faith to God and committed themselves firmly to the religion when life got difficult. Amazing Response “I came to know Radio Liangyou when […]

The Proper Way to Have Life

Preaching the Word: We hold fast to the mission on broadcasting the gospel. But we know our work in equipping workers in the Mainland is not done, preaching the Word of God must go on. Circumstances may be new, so are the atmosphere and norms, that’s why we need to move forward in new ways so our countrymen may hear the good news and be blessed with eternal life. Pray that the Lord will grant us new opportunities. New Workforce: To implement […]

Prayer Request (2021.08)