Feeling Weary “My mother and I have had intense emotions twice recently. She appears to be calmer superficially at present, but obviously she has been aging. I really hope that we will have more maturity because such relationship is really too hard and too regretful. I feel very weary. The WeChat account for chatting with sisters and brothers in Christ has not been used for a long time. I have just reviewed my past friend circles. Surprisingly I noticed that […]

China News & Prayer (2017.11.16-23)

Being Weak and Sad “I was baptized in 2004. By God’s grace He let me serve as a leader of hymn singing at church. However, I felt terribly weak and vulnerable these few months. I was later diagnosed with subacute thyroiditis. I got flu in the course of treatment, then bronchitis. No improvement even I got the dripping for days though, letting my body and soul both badly wounded. I am in extreme pain and disappointment. Please pray for my […]

China News & Prayer (2017.11.09-15)

Faith and courage: Please remember the churches and disciples in China; more regulations and laws are implemented. In some provinces, Sunday Schools are already ceased. Entry permits of some foreign partners are no longer extended. May the Lord give them faith and courage to follow God’s word and to spread the gospel. Broadcast Responses: In September we got 7,432 listener responses, program downloads over 1.5 million times, the number of hours on streaming media reaching 44,000 and the Liangyou Index […]

Prayer Request (2017.11)

Being pregnant was big good news to me and my family shared the happiness with me. However I am a patient with Systemic lupus erthematosus (SLE) and unable to bear children. I had a relapse of SLE after having follow-up consultations for four months. Firstly I got rashes on my face and then my skin was broken and festering. Continuing my pregnancy would put my life as well as my child’s life at risk. Therefore the first child was aborted. […]

SLE in Pregnancy

Breaking Away Homosexuality “I have been inclined to homosexuality since my childhood and up to the time before my belief in the Lord. My parents were divorced when I was one year old. I have been living with my father and grandmother since my early age. My grandmother was very strict. I was introverted and felt inferior. My classmates often bullied and assaulted me. Being unable to resist, I accepted myself as a homosexual. I consulted a psychological counselor after […]

China News & Prayer (2017.09.16-23)

Far East Broadcaster Jul-Sep 2017 Blossoms in the Wilderness An Overview of Theological Education on the Mainland Jia’en Wu New Wings for Gospel Broadcasting Afterthoughts on FEBC Chinese Ministries New Media Workshop Zenobia Wong, Senior Web Officer I SLE in Pregnancy Sister Zhou, Jiangsu Province   Download

Far East Broadcaster (2017.07)

68th year of Broadcasts: Our deepest gratitude for your prayer and contributions in support of our stride into the 69th year of gospel broadcasting! We must admit that in the past 68 years, in spite of the concerted effort of our staff in program production for the multitudes of fellow countrymen, and testimonies of many whose lives are changed because of the gospel, there are still lots of souls out there who have not heard of the good news, and […]

Prayer Request (2017.08)

Far East Broadcaster Apr-Jun 2017 Between Churches and Organizations Samuel Yiu, Radio Pastor The Fruit of “Chai Chuan” Connie Lam, Assistant Director, China Ministries Office Do what we should Brother Ge   Download

Far East Broadcaster (2017.04)

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