By Faith “There is a young couple in Christ: Brother Nee and Sister Huang. Please pray for their newborn daughter. Sister Huang was pregnant for her second child. She had flu and took medication improperly when she had been pregnant for six months. Therefore her doctor advised that her fetus should not be retained. He recommended her labor induction. Relying on God, this couple was willing to entrust the birth of their child to the Lord. Their baby daughter was […]

China News & Prayer (2018.10.10-16)

Singing Gift “I couldn’t read sheet music. At a music lesson where rhythm was taught, I was scolded by the teacher for making wrong beats. Another time when I was applying for a post of kindergarten teacher, the school asked me over the phone if I could sing sheet music. I asked, ‘What is a sheet music?’ After committing to Christ Jesus, I have no more of such embarrassment because some church brothers and sisters sent me hymns books and […]

China News & Prayer (2018.10.01-09)

Family Hassle “I am 17 years old, at high school, and I have followed my mother into Christianity since very young age. On the road from campus to society, I got stuck cognitively sometimes, primarily on issues about initiative and self-control. I am in dimness this whole year, despite knowing what I should have done, I finished nothing in the end. No blame to my ability, I am just psychologically decadent – like living in an endless and hopeless suffering […]

China News & Prayer (2018.09.23-30)

Relationship to be Improved “My father has been bothering my mother and then me. My mother is 52. She has believed in the Lord for many years. But she has never been approved by my father. He is nice particularly to outsiders but harsh to his family members. My mother is often scolded by him. Being extreme, my father refuses to eat meat, eggs, and milk. When he sees my mother eating these, he curses her and makes her suffer […]

China News & Prayer (2018.09.16-22)

Mom Ruined My Life “When I was two-year-old, my mother went away from my father and walked into another family with me. Then she gave birth to my younger brother. For more than a year there she went away again, but without me this time. I was four and my brother less than one. Since after, my days gone dim, got no love or care at home. As my step-father was very lazy, we were very poor. I learned to […]

China News & Prayer (2018.09.01-08)

Be Accountable: The Apostle Paul charged his spiritual son Timothy to do three things: First, strive not for others’ commendation and acceptance, but for God’s approval. Second, be a worker who does not need to be ashamed, that is one who fully trusts and obeys God’s commands and holds himself accountable. Third, insist on correctly preaching and teaching God’s word though under all forms of attack or pressure. We wish to share this verse with our mainland pastors and ministers. […]

Prayer Request (2018.08)

I am blind, growing up in a farming community and have never been to school. I have been currently practising Chinese therapeutic massage and Tuina (traditional Chinese massage). In 2001, I was randomly selecting channels on the radio and found Radio Liangyou. I was very much touched when listening to the voice of the broadcaster and the hymns played. I did not know how to descript my feeling. It was beyond words. I felt overwhelmed yet soothing. I did not […]

A Feeling Beyond Words

Standing Firm: It is midsummer here with us, but for the churches and believers on the mainland, it is just like the late autumn or bleak winter. According to listeners from various areas, some churches have been dissipated or forced to move out; some do not admit young people under 18; Sunday School classes of others have been cancelled or suspended…. Please pray hard for our countrymen. May the Lord watch over them so they stand firm and uphold the […]

Prayer Request (2018.07)

Blessings for Mother “There found a shadow on my mother’s liver during a recent medical check-up. She will be hospitalized for a thorough examination. Mother is a devoted Christian, she has peace with her. I am the one terrified. She has worked her life so hard for the family but I have been so uncaring and my dad is hostile to God. My grandmother does not believe in Jesus whereas my aunt is extremely superstitious. Although I trust that returning […]

China News & Prayer (2018.07.09-15)