The Proper Way to Have Life

You or your friends once showed much enthusiasm for religion, but then gradually became less devoted after experiencing hardship in life, such as illness, human relationship, workplace or failure. Let us pray that God will rest His healing hands upon you and lead you to turn to Him again. The audience mentioned below has held on greater faith to God and committed themselves firmly to the religion when life got difficult.

Amazing Response
“I came to know Radio Liangyou when I was young. After some time, my confidence in God was undermined to an extent that I decided not to believe Him. At that moment, I received massage from Radio Liangyou. It was such a surprising coincidence. Feeling so grateful, I sent mail to Radio Liangyou and got their reply. After that, I learned how to pray for myself and others. With some personal experiences, I, with 100% confidence, can tell others: I am a Christian and I believe that God I believe in exist! I believe that He loves me! Thank Radio Liangyou!” (Audience Xu)

Spiritual Rejuvenation
“I came to believe God after experiencing love failure. After that, I had repeatedly doubted God and even rebelled against Him. But Jesus has never given me up and loves me all the same. I now listen to Radio Liangyou to lead my life, and have started to pray, read the Bible, join the fellowship and serve others. Without this spirit food, I don’t think I can sustain. Thank God for always talking to me, encouraging me, comforting me and healing me through Radio Liangyou.” (Audience Xiao Jin)

Never Leave Me
“I bought a Bible from another person, read it but did not understand. I then joined Sunday services and got baptized, bought a radio to listen to Radio Liangyou programs. I found joy at the beginning but committed a crime after some time. I did not think I could attain God’s standards, and so wanted to quit. When I was planning to give up, Radio Liangyou brought me back to God. This was so comforting and encouraging.” (Audience Lu)