Examination Results

Students awaiting the release of examination results are mostly racked with fears and anxieties. Those having successful results will be happy. However, do you feel like the end of the world and there is no hope if the results are not what you have expected? The answers of the following audience are No. Do you want to feel the good and positive emotions like them? Come to meet God the Creator if you do!

God Give Me Hope
“No chance of pursuing my studies and no career prospects. Father and grandfather had been working like a dog in difficult circumstances. Do not want to repeat their peasant lives. Radio Liangyou & Radio Yiyou enlightened my life when I felt hopeless.” (Audience Hu)

God Save Me
“I started listening to Radio Liangyou & Radio Yiyou at a young age. I failed the College Entrance Examination again in 1999 and it was a severe blow to me. I remembered once the program host said that God would come to the rescue when life got difficult. Then I knelt with tears falling like rain and prayed for repentance, and determined to follow God. God is amazing and merciful to me a sinner. All the blessings in my life are given by God. Thank God. Thank the staff of Radio Liangyou for their efforts. All of you are on-air God’s warriors who save countless souls in China. Amen.” (Audience Zuo)

Spiritual Nurture
“The idea that knowledge reshapes destiny has taken root in my mind since I was young. Therefore I studied hard and got relatively good grades. I was on the admission list of the College Entrance Examination in 2004, but decided to repeat as feeling unhappy with the results. I had to make big decisions in my life and overcome a range of different types of difficulties. Finding no way out, I felt completely exhausted. I went to an evangelistic rally in 2004. Guided by the Holy Spirit, I decided to follow after God. I went to the university and then bought a radio which could receive international channels. I accidentally found the Radio Liangyou channel broadcasting gospel messages. The programs provided me with knowledge of the Bible in a systematic manner. I learned more about Truth. I have been listening to Radio Liangyou since then, and this gives me a range of benefits which cover my spiritual life, life and work.” (Audience Lin)