My tiredness

Tough times erode our mind and spirit. Life is like the walking dead. The voice on the radio is so comforting and can give people strength to get back on their feet. The problem may not be resolved. But you will find out that things may not be as bad as you have thought. There are always people waiting to love you.

Life is full of uncertainties
I discontinued my studies due to family problem. Radio Yiyou’s programs that I had listened to during my adolescence suddenly came up to my mind when I felt so lost. I therefore tried to tune to the right frequency. It was so comforting hearing the familiar voice again. Liangyou was the key to bring me to a true religion, and helped many Christians whom I know. (Audience Soaring Eagle)

No one to rely on
I was seriously sick in 1989. Parents abandoned me. God saved me through Radio Liangyou and is still walking with me until today. (Sister Xu)

My wife divorced me. I was suffering from a serious illness. The company I worked for closed down. When I was facing the hard times, God sent Radio Liangyou to tell me, “Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” That is how God guided me and I decided to follow Him. (Brother Zhang)

I accidentally listened to the program of Radio Liangyou in 1999. The opening monologue attracted me, “There are footprints along the path of a difficult life. But God will never leave you, and will bring you through every hardship and let you taste His goodness.” I listened to the program continuously for some time. Then once the host said, “My beloved brothers, my beloved sisters, Jesus loves you! You can’t get anything like this from other gods but only Jesus. He loves you!” I was touched so much. I couldn’t help but replied, “Hooray! I love Jesus too!” That is how I have become a Christian. Thank God!” (Audience Xie)