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In Temptation “I am recently deeply troubled and flurried by a relationship with another man. Knowing that such thinking is not right no matter how poor the relationship is with my husband, I have struggles and I am lost. I pray before God for mercy and save me from such temptation. The fact is the more I want to break free, the more I can’t let go. I understand that this sin disgraces my God and hurts my own family. […]

China News & Prayer (2020.02.01-07)

Correct by Force A youth psychological counselling center in Sichuan was reported illegally running a school. With catchy caring taglines “saving children, saving families, and correcting juveniles with problems” in disguise, the school will then use extreme corporal punishment, or “correct by force” so to speak, to frequently beat and insult these students causing them great harm physically and psychologically in the end. Some students accused the school for abuse, illegal detention, etc. After investigation by the Market Supervision Bureau, […]

China News & Prayer (2020.01.25-31)

Open Myself “My personality is eccentric and unsociable. I am also a little bit arrogant. I have faced a choice of my work. It is the Lord who let me listen to your programs and help me make the right choice. Outsiders think that my work is very tiring and painful, but my heart is comfortable and peaceful. Moreover, I used to be bound by pornographic novels. The Lord has helped and healed me through the programs. But I have […]

China News & Prayer (2020.01.18-24)

My Life Rekindled “It is the Lord who helps me and guides me to regain my power through every time of pain and loneliness. It is the Lord who let me know the value and meaning of life, and understand the preciousness of soul. It is also the Lord who has accepted me as His child and made my broken heart rekindled with the living passion! I have listened to your programs for three years. I am grateful that the […]

China News & Prayer (2020.01.11-17)

Compulsive Gambling “Until a car accident brought my father away at his 49, my mother started to take in and go to church. When I was 31, I married to a divorcee who was addicted to gambling. My husband promised me to quit when we courted at the beginning. I naively believed in him but in fact he has made no rectification at all in our 13 years of marriage. My husband is presently in debt of millions of yuan […]

China News & Prayer (2020.01.01-10)

To Marry or Break-up “Hello to the staff of Liangyou Radio. I am a baptized Christian. I have heard many preaching about courtship and marriage, but I ended up having a non-believer as my boyfriend! We have premarital sex though I knew this is not right; I let myself fall into this temptation! Now we are talking of marriage, but the sin is worsening my life. Should I marry him earlier or break up with him as soon as possible? […]

China News & Prayer (2019.12.23-31)

My Mum is Released “After the cremation of my father’s body, my old mother has told us that she has been over it and her mood is much better. In recent years, my father has had a hard time due to his poor health. My mother is released from her burden in her heart at present. My three brothers have dealt with our father’s funeral expenditures and given the remaining to our mother for her expenses. My younger brother is […]

China News & Prayer (2019.12.16-22)

Serious Sickness “It is urgent to pray for my friend surnamed Liu. His sickness is getting more and more serious. His hands and feet were swollen a few days ago. This was because he collapsed and got very sick after he had returned from his trip to Tibet in June. It should be altitude sickness. Liu is an aviation coach. He has been very healthy before his illness. He is unmarried and his family lives in Inner Mongolia. He is […]

China News & Prayer (2019.12.09-15)

Easier Said Than Done “My mother-in-law has a problem of cerebellar atrophy. She lived with her eldest son initially but was not well cared for. My husband is her youngest son and we, after discussion, decided to take care of her at our place. We carefully prepared everything for mother-in-law hoping that she could be under good care for the rest of her life. Easier said than done though, the stay of mother-in-law brings us a lot of trouble and […]

China News & Prayer (2019.12.01-08)