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Online Game Addiction “My son is 12 years old and has been deeply obsessed with online games. He sits at the computer and plays games crazily 24/7, could not care less skipping his meals or sleeps. During weekend, he would rather lock himself up playing games to going out for great food or activities. To avoid my intervention, he is always on guard with a kitchen knife at hand; he uses it to threaten me. I mistakenly believed that he […]

China News & Prayer (2020.07.11-17)

Tragic Childhood “My mother took a son with her when she married my father. Then she gave birth to me and my younger brother. Both my elder and younger brothers have studied in colleges. I have only studied in grade 3. We have financial difficulties because my two brothers have gone to school. My father’s temper is particularly bad. He insults my mother, saying that my elder brother is not his own. And I have been beaten by my mother […]

China News & Prayer (2020.07.01-10)

How To Change “I am an unqualified Christian. Although I have been a believer for many years, I have always been unable to get rid of sins. I am a salesperson. I have participated in some ministries in the local church. What hurts me is my job nature which makes me often tell lies and talk nonsense to reach my goals. I really do this involuntarily, but regret afterwards. This is really like what the Bible says, ‘For I have […]

China News & Prayer (2020.06.22-30)

Misfortunes “I am grateful that my brother-in-law gave me a bag of rice and homemade sausages this morning to solve our food shortage. My sister’s family has not yet believed in Jesus. I keenly shared the gospel with them and prayed for their salvation. They rejected and I was discouraged. She trusts that her god can bring them wealth and health, while Jesus who I believe in would only leave me a poor and sick person. For mother, although she […]

China News & Prayer (2020.06.15-21)

Flimsy Foundation “I am a high-school teacher in Beijing. Despite my good education, my faith is weak and small. This was noticed by a brother in Christ whom I met last spring. He then invited me to join their program for spiritual growth. In fact, I have been in a terrible secular life these few years. Easily be tempted. Not only that I didn’t do well at my work, my belief was also getting radical. After listening to a program […]

China News & Prayer (2020.06.08-14)

Being Young and Ignorant “I am a Christian and was born in a Christian family. I was ignorant when I was young. My family did not accept my boyfriend I dated. But I gave birth to a child for him at that time. Later we broke up and the child was left to him. I had given birth when I was unmarried. Only all my information was found on my child’s birth certificate. Subsequently I got married again. My husband […]

China News & Prayer (2020.06.01-07)

God Wakes Me Up “I followed my aunt to believe in Jesus 20 years ago but I have forgotten God after my marriage. My wife had brain cancer in 2017. I used up all my money, selling my house and car for healing her. I was under great pressure and fell off while riding a motorcycle. I was almost killed. At present it is found out that I have uremia. I cannot do any job. All expenses are covered by […]

China News & Prayer (2020.05.24-31)

Pray for Family “Please pray for my brother who seems to be keen in Christianity yet, may God expand his heart and help regain his love to his wife. My sister got spinal disc herniation while her husband is diabetic. The little grandson MengEn who is at the age of two or three is physically unwell, care and attention thus always needed. My nephew whose wife is a non-Christian is not that serious in his Christian belief. May our Lord […]

China News & Prayer (2020.05.17-23)

The Lord heard “My son found a 6 mm nodule in his lungs during CT yesterday. The doctor said it would be fine if it wouldn’t get bigger, and he recommended a review three months later! Please pray for my son! I here also share a witness for Christ: on the way my son and his friend drove to Anhui the night before yesterday, a large container truck was trailing their car on the road. Due to driver fatigue, the […]

China News & Prayer (2020.05.10-16)