Prayer Newsletter

Eager for a Breakthrough “A university graduate in 2023, I got a job after having gone to all the trouble. Being a newcomer in the company plus an introvert, I have faced with many challenges and sometimes felt hopeless. Thinking negatively about myself, I have been engulfed by inferiority feelings. Unable to express myself and interact with others, I know that I do not have a healthy mind. My parents pray for me every day. I have been going to […]

China News & Prayer (2024.02.23-29)

Manifesting Christ “My job falls under civil service management guidelines as my work is affiliated with the public sector. Both my colleagues and superiors are aware that I’m a Christian. I strive to live out my faith and not cause harm to the name of Christ, though I’m far from perfect with my many flaws and moments of weakness. Thankfully, God continues to watch over me. Recently, my workplace conducted a survey of employees’ religious beliefs. I heard rumors that […]

China News & Prayer (2024.02.16-22)

Doubts and Denials “My husband is firm in his belief in salvation, while I often have doubts. Ironically, I pray and read the Bible every day, but my husband doesn’t. The church asked us to give a testimony of gratitude, but we repeatedly declined. We serve in many capacities at the church, such as cooking, cleaning, repairing the sanctuary, taking care of infants and young children. However, I don’t understand why I’m so unwilling to give a testimony. I feel […]

China News & Prayer (2024.02.09-15)

Be Thankful to Give “I have been a Christian since I was young and have seldom encountered any difficulties under God’s protection. As a listener of Radio Liangyou since the 80s, I have been living a spiritual life that helps me a lot. My husband is a Christian. We have a daughter have the same spirit of faith. God’s grace is so big. We have different views or beliefs that clash but will pray together. Christ is greater than any […]

China News & Prayer (2024.02.01-08)

Free from Bondage “I used to be a very corrupt person. I lived like this for over a decade. Later, I believed in the Lord, but initially, I couldn’t break free from the bondage of sin, and my heart lacked peace. I realized that I couldn’t continue like this, so I prayed to the Lord, asking God to help me free from the control of lust. Thank the Lord for looking after me and completely eliminating my sin of lust. […]

China News & Prayer (2024.01.25-31)

Workplace Relationship “I have been working for almost half a year. My colleagues asked me to do other things and so I did. Later, I gradually felt that it was too much. When my colleagues or leader asked me to do things other than my job duties, I flatly refused. As a result, my junior leader snitched on me and my senior leader wanted to transfer me to another department. I had just adapted to the work here and I […]

China News & Prayer (2024.01.18-24)

Feeling Depressed “I have been in a very bad mood recently. I don’t know why I sigh all the time. I have no confidence and courage in my life. Being depressed and perplexed, I have no direction. My future is dim, empty and monotonous. All negative emotions are added to my world. I feel like I’m controlled by a demon and cannot be released. The darkness of disappointment, the unprecedented feeling of loss and frustration crush me mercilessly. I don’t […]

China News & Prayer (2024.01.11-17)

Desire for Change “I have been a believer for seven years, but I have always struggled to escape from my own cycle. Each time I attempt to make a change, the negative influences from my past drag me back in. Some sisters suggest that it’s due to a lack of faith, but I’m unsure how to liberate myself. The people around me have gradually distanced themselves from my life, leaving me with very few friends. I feel like a person […]

China News & Prayer (2024.01.01-10)

The Prodigal Son Returns “When my son studied in the grade six of elementary school, he became weary of studying. I had tried every means to guide his education, but he still dropped out of school. After that he had a part-time job and experienced the hardship of his job. He had to go to work before dawn and suffered a lot. After a while, he decided to return to school to continue studying. From then on, he studied very […]

China News & Prayer (2023.12.24-31)