China News & Prayer (2024.04.24-30)

Workplace Relationships

“I have poor interpersonal relationship at work and find it difficult to adapt to the environment. It’s very painful and I feel oppressed and targeted. I also disagree with some of their practices, so I’m considering changing my job. There is a company that is currently recruiting. The competition is intense though, especially I don’t have any significant edge. I feel tangled and struggling. Over the past eight years of work, none of my colleagues have become believers. Because of different values, my relationship with them has worsened. I simply prefer to work in a quiet environment and do not require social engagements. I can’t fit into their circle. Only when I listen to the programs of Radio Liangyou do I find solace. I pray to the Lord to help me change when I am not in line with His will.”

(Brother Jacob)

  • May the Lord release Brother’s pressure and give him wisdom to deal with other people, be a good witness, and influence those around him.

Smoke-Free Shanghai

Shanghai is one of the cities in China that started implementing “tobacco control measures”. As early as 1994, relevant government regulations were established. On March 1, 2010, the “Shanghai Smoking Control Regulations in Public Places” came into effect, becoming the first provincial-level tobacco control law. Starting from March 1, 2017, Shanghai implemented a ban on smoking in indoor public places, indoor workplaces, and public transportation. On October 28 of the following year, electronic cigarettes were also included in the scope of the ban. Currently, there are over 10,000 volunteers in Shanghai engaged in tobacco control efforts, conducting publicity campaigns, inspections and dissuading smoking violations. Systems have also been established to enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement and regulation.

(“China News Network”, March 1, 2024)

  • May God grant wisdom and courage to our leaders to continue promoting tobacco control legislation and measures, providing citizens with a healthier and cleaner living environment. May the Lord protect the law enforcement agencies and volunteers, enabling them to implement the regulations fairly and effectively.

Audio Bible

A team has brought the audio files of the New Testament in the Dali Bai dialect. As the Bai people do not have their own writing system, the phonetic writing system they used to translate the Bible is not widely known. As a result, believers were unable to read the Bible that the team had worked so hard to complete. In view of this, they thus went a step further and recorded an audio Bible, hoping that more Bai people would be able to hear the true gospel. Since the small population of many ethnic groups, and the lack of a written language, some workers now skip the written text and directly translate the Bible orally. It is reported that several teams are currently exploring and recording audio versions of the Bible to allow more ethnic groups to hear God’s Word in their own languages.

  • Pray that ethnic groups in remote areas can have a chance to hear the gospel. Pray for those who are quietly engaged in Bible translation for these minorities. Pray that the Lord will help these co-workers accurately translate the Bible despite the challenge of not having a written language. Pray that people can hear the gospel through these audio Bibles, be reconciled with God and receive redemption in Christ.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Program Renewals: Multiple programs have plans for revamping, and we seek the Lord’s help in guiding the team’s thinking, exploration, and establishing the direction of these programs. May God grant wisdom to our program team members to quickly adapt and engage in His work even in the face of limited manpower and resources. We earnestly hope that listeners can find help through the programs.
  2. Equipment Utilization: Regarding the operation of the recording studio and equipment, various issues have arisen during live broadcasts and recordings. We seek God’s protection, and the staff is currently working with the supplier to research possible solutions. We hope to handle the matter promptly, ensuring smooth live broadcasts and recordings, and relieving the concerns of our program team.