China News & Prayer (2024.05.11-17)


“Whether interacting with family or colleagues, I find myself lacking boundaries, which has created great obstacles for me. In relationships with friends, I cannot open up and develop deep connections. I am also not very good at expressing myself and have a strong sense of inferiority. I do not know what I really want, especially when facing choices – the hesitation and struggle within leaves me feeling distressed. I know that the Lord Jesus loves me, but I haven’t been able to live that out in my life. When I pray, it feels like I am just talking to the air. I cannot feel the love, acceptance, and embrace that the Bible speaks of from God. After listening to programs on Radio Liangyou, I am getting more unhappy with myself. Please pray for me.”

(Sister Zhu)

  • May the Lord help Sister Zhu overcome her negative emotions. May He grant her wisdom in interacting with others, and the ability to view herself with a proper perspective.

Fraudsters Brought to Justice

Recently, Chinese police and Myanmar police carried out international law enforcement cooperation. For the first time, they conducted a joint operation in the Muji area of northern Myanmar, successfully arresting 807 criminal suspects involved in transnational telecommunications network fraud. Among them, 352 Chinese criminal suspects were all transferred to China for trial. An official from the Ministry of Public Security stated that the fraud syndicates were even armed to guard their fraudulent activities, making the nature of their crimes particularly vicious. Telecommunications network fraud has become a global problem that is difficult to combat and govern. As a result, a strengthening of international law enforcement cooperation is the trend.

(“Legal Daily”, April 2, 2024)

  • Scammers employ various tactics, and it is common to hear about people being deceived and losing their entire fortunes. Pray that the Lord will help law enforcement officers to strengthen their crackdown on online scams. May peace be swiftly restored in the region of Myanmar lest it be a haven for criminal activities.

Resisting Temptation

“Before, I did not pay much attention to the evangelistic programs on Radio Liangyou. I would get bored after listening for less than 15 minutes. However, one time during a program, I heard a listener share how he uninstalled many internet resources in order to focus on listening to the program. Inspired by this, I decided to uninstall various apps that were distracting me from seeking the truth. By God’s amazing grace, my heart became quiet, and I was able to listen to your programs for seven to eight hours every day. Since then, there has been a tremendous transformation in me. Once, I didn’t know how to pray. God did not leave me alone but guided me, allowing me to gradually learn about prayer.”

(Brother Shen)

  • Gratefully, Brother Shen decisively discounted the things that tempted him, therefore allowing him to focus on knowing God. Brother Shen has a heart of longing, may the Lord continue to use him and help him to take root and grow in his faith.

De-stressing in Vain

Recently, a school in Guangxi sent out a notice on its official WeChat account, requiring students to go to bed by 9:30 pm, even if they had not finished their homework. They stated that students would not be criticized by teachers the next day, ensuring they get sufficient rest. However, some parents found this unrealistic, their children have many supplementary exercises and preparation work, making it impossible to go to bed by 9:30 pm. Other parents mentioned that during the outbreak, there were cases of children doing homework while receiving intravenous infusions, which was praised. Experts believe the real issues that need to be addressed are the workload and the culture of peer comparison, in order to help students develop good study habits.

(“The Paper”, April 3, 2024)

  • Children’s pressure on learning gives rise to some family and mental health problems. May the government and school’s measures truly help students alleviate their stress in learning. May the Lord grant parents with wisdom and without being overly demanding.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Program Renewals: Multiple programs have plans for revamping, and we seek the Lord’s help in guiding the team’s thinking, exploration, and establishing the direction of these programs. May God grant wisdom to our program team members to quickly adapt and engage in His work even in the face of limited manpower and resources. We earnestly hope that listeners can find help through the programs.
  2. Equipment Utilization: Regarding the operation of the recording studio and equipment, various issues have arisen during live broadcasts and recordings. We seek God’s protection, and the staff is currently working with the supplier to research possible solutions. We hope to handle the matter promptly, ensuring smooth live broadcasts and recordings, and relieving the concerns of our program team.