China News & Prayer (2024.04.17-23)

Pruning for Better Growth

“Although I grew up in a Christian family, I was always confused about my faith. It wasn’t until a few years ago when someone introduced me to Radio Liangyou. I was deeply attracted to the programs especially during times when I felt frustrated. Your programs always brought me comfort and gave me motivation and direction in my actions. I fully know that it is God who has used Radio Liangyou to change me, and I am grateful for the growth in my life. I no longer live according to my own will as before. I also lead disciples in a small group and visit other believers regularly. Serving may keep me busy, and I have a family and children to take care of, my heart is filled with great joy, which I couldn’t have imagined before.”

(Sister Lin)

  • Grateful that Sister Lin is able to take root and grow in the Lord. May God continue to guide Sister Lin’s service, so that her life becomes a blessing to many more.

AI For Medical Treatment

For most patients, time is essential to life. But in reality, some patients miss the golden time for their treatment because they are not diagnosed in time. Recently in a press interview, Dean of the School of Ophthalmology in the Capital Medical University, Wang Ningli, has introduced that Generative AI can be used to obtain information such as blood sugar, blood pressure and blood lipids through a photo of a person’s eyes. In addition, AI can be used to assess health and improve the medical technology for people’s health. In recent years, medical technology has improved the level of health services in whatever scopes such as diagnosis, clinical treatment and patients’ rehabilitation. It has also met patients’ time demand more.

(“China News Net”, March 5, 2024)

  • May God give wisdom to medical scientists and guide them so that they will achieve more breakthroughs in their research. Ask God to enable doctors to accurately diagnose patients and formulate effective treatment plans so that more patients can receive timely treatment and recover as early as possible.

A Sister’s Grief

“I have a very good relationship with my mother-in-law. Our relationship is as close as a relationship between the real mother and her daughter. However, my mother-in-law suffered from breast cancer and left me very early. She had believed in the Lord Jesus in the last period of her life. This is the only thing which has given me condolence. But I have been unable to get rid of the grief for ten years since her death. I have been a bit depressed. I have also thought of suicide. I am worried that I will do stupid things as sometimes I cannot control myself. Then my husband and son will be even more painful. Please pray for my health. My nerves are compressed due to lumbar disc herniation. Now it is very inconvenient for me to walk.”

(Sister Zhou)

  • Thank God for the intimate relationship between Sister Zhou and her mother-in-law. May God help Sister Zhou get over the grief and keep the hope that they will meet each other in the heaven in future. Also pray that the Lord will heal her body.

New Consumption Pattern

In 2023, China’s final consumption expenditures drove the economic growth by 4.3%. Online retail sales reached RMB 15.42 trillion in 2023, a year-on-year increase of 11%. China has become the world’s largest online retail market for 11 consecutive years. Online shopping, mobile payment, and integration of O2O businesses have become prominent features of the new consumption pattern. Chairman and CEO of CITIC Capital, Zhang Yichen, noted that the “consumption for self-pleasure” and the consumption of local “trendy products” are becoming more and more popular. He added, “new trends on consumer preferences are driving the rapid growth of consumption enterprises which have innovation advantages, channel resources and control of supply chain.”

(“People’s Daily, Overseas Edition”, March 10, 2024)

  • Please ask God to keep people wise and restrained when they face various consumption choices. Pray that they will choose products and services which are valuable and sustainable. Ask the Lord to give them greater insight so that they can discern between true needs and false desires.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Program Renewals: Multiple programs have plans for revamping, and we seek the Lord’s help in guiding the team’s thinking, exploration, and establishing the direction of these programs. May God grant wisdom to our program team members to quickly adapt and engage in His work even in the face of limited manpower and resources. We earnestly hope that listeners can find help through the programs.
  2. Equipment Utilization: Regarding the operation of the recording studio and equipment, various issues have arisen during live broadcasts and recordings. We seek God’s protection, and the staff is currently working with the supplier to research possible solutions. We hope to handle the matter promptly, ensuring smooth live broadcasts and recordings, and relieving the concerns of our program team.