China News & Prayer (2024.04.01-09)

Pruning for Better Growth

“Although I grew up in a Christian family, I was always confused about my faith. It wasn’t until a few years ago when someone introduced me to Radio Liangyou. I was deeply attracted to the programs especially during times when I felt frustrated. Your programs always brought me comfort and gave me motivation and direction in my actions. I fully know that it is God who has used Radio Liangyou to change me, and I am grateful for the growth in my life. I no longer live according to my own will as before. I also lead disciples in a small group and visit other believers regularly. Serving may keep me busy, and I have a family and children to take care of, my heart is filled with great joy, which I couldn’t have imagined before.”

(Sister Lin)

  • Grateful that Sister Lin is able to take root and grow in the Lord. May God continue to guide Sister Lin’s service, so that her life becomes a blessing to many more.

Spread the Gospel

“I have been a faithful follower of Christ for several decades. Despite being visually impaired, God has guided me with peace throughout my life, both physically and personally. I like serving the Lord, and I got happiness serving others with the medical knowledge that I acquired. I take the opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ with my patients during their consultation or treatment. Witnessing some of my patients accepting the Lord Jesus fills my heart with utmost joy. I have decided that even if I don’t charge a penny for my service, I will keep on spreading the Gospel. I know that my doings can never repay the grace bestowed upon me, but I wish I could ease the financial barriers of people from hearing the Gospel. Although I would not possess the same stature as the Apostle Paul, being able to serve the Lord and others is truly a remarkable privilege for me.”

(A Brother)

  • This Brother has a servant’s heart and we believe that the Lord will remember him. We pray for God’s presence and through this brother that more seeds of the gospel are sown on good soil and become followers of Christ.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Program Renewals: Multiple programs have plans for revamping, and we seek the Lord’s help in guiding the team’s thinking, exploration, and establishing the direction of these programs. May God grant wisdom to our program team members to quickly adapt and engage in His work even in the face of limited manpower and resources. We earnestly hope that listeners can find help through the programs.
  2. Equipment Utilization: Regarding the operation of the recording studio and equipment, various issues have arisen during live broadcasts and recordings. We seek God’s protection, and the staff is currently working with the supplier to research possible solutions. We hope to handle the matter promptly, ensuring smooth live broadcasts and recordings, and relieving the concerns of our program team.