China News & Prayer (2024.06.01-09)

Not Forsaken Me

“Once I lost my original faith and no longer love God. I have a lot of resentment, fear, feelings of being hurt, anger and bitterness. My husband is often unreasonable, selfish, indifferent, and controlling. I have used human methods to find a way for myself so as to escape from my own cross. Therefore, I have suffered a lot and my inner life has been hurt very much. Subsequently I have realized that my life direction is wrong and that returning to God is my only way out. I am grateful for God’s mercy and enlightenment. I have been stubborn and rebellious for so many years. I have stumbled countless times. But God has not abandoned me because of His mercy. When I seriously repent and deal with my own rebellion before the Lord Jesus, I taste the joy and peace in Christ again.”

(Sister Cheng)

  • Thank God that Sister Cheng can return to God again. It is believed that her life will flourish in Christ after her struggle. Please pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen her heart.

Sins To Be Abandoned

“My daughter has already been cohabiting with her boyfriend. When she was a child, I brought her to my church on Sundays. Then she was leaving the Lord gradually. I have not taught my daughter properly. I ask for God’s forgiveness. I hope that the Lord Jesus will seek her personally and warn her not to commit promiscuous sins. I have also reminded her that marriage is established by God. But she does not listen. If her boyfriend is prepared by God, I hope that she will get married soon. If not, I will ask the Lord to stop them. I am so sad to see my daughter’s present situation. I also regret having been unable to influence and care for her with the love of Christ during her growth process. I always hope that my daughter’s life will be a good testimony. But now her condition has become like this. I owe God so much.”

(Sister Yu)

  • Sister Yu is worried that her daughter will sink into sins deeper and deeper. Please pray that God will awaken the gospel seeds in her daughter’s heart so that she will have a responsible attitude toward herself and will not regret the temporary pleasure of her sins.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. God’s Word, God’s Way: The online bible study course, “God’s Word, God’s Way – a Spiritual Banquet”, finished successfully in April and May. Being authorized by our partner to use the materials; we had group discussion and sharing of message for each session. The number of students admitted is not large because we want to ensure the quality of group discussions. However, the enthusiastic responses from the audience show that they are very thirsty for God’s Words in their hearts and eager to be satisfied.
  2. Website access: People have experienced difficulties in accessing the websites of Liangyou Radio and Liangyou Theological Seminary since mid-April. Many listeners have written to us to inquire. There are also some believers who have visited in person to inquire. While colleagues are busy responding to these inquiries, they are also working hard to investigate the causes and conduct tests. Ask the Lord to grant us wisdom and open an unobstructed way for us.