China News & Prayer (2023.12.01-09)

Yearning For Church Services

“I have believed in the Lord for many years. It is inconvenient for me to go to church because of my physical disability. I have also never heard of any churches in the nearby village. In recent few years, I have listened to the programs of Radio Liangyou. Accompanied by the programs, I have gradually learned and grown up spiritually. I have also learned something about the Bible. However, being unable to go to church, I feel very burdened. Some time ago, I learned by chance that there was a church nearby. I really want to go there, but I don’t know whether their faith is pure or not. I’m worried that I cannot differentiate this. I don’t want to go astray.”

(Brother Chu)

  • Please ask the Lord to care for Brother Chu’s heart of yearning for church services and to guide him to live a church life. Please pray that he will have companions along the spiritual journey and that they will share each other’s burdens and support each other along the journey to the Heaven.

Domestic Violence

“My husband and I have lived separately in different places for many years. He would come home once every month or every two months, and I would visit him during summer holiday. After knowing that my husband had an extramarital affair a year ago, I spent two months staying with him in a hope to save our relationship. Finally, he chose to live with his affair who’s his business partner. On the other hand, my mother-in-law took care of my child at hometown when I went to see my husband. Now my child hates school. I had no choice but returned home. My husband didn’t communicate with me, and asked me to go home to take care of the child. He has grown tired of me. I don’t know what to do. We have been married for 17 years. I cannot cope with it.”

(Sister Li)

  • May our Heavenly Father comfort sister Li and help her handle her relationship with her husband as well as teach her child. Pray that God will touch her husband’s heart to reunite with his family.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcasting Theme: Someone says that there is no growth without pain. This is the process of growth. No one likes pain no matter what people say: “An uncut gem goes not sparkle.” and “Heaven will confer great responsibilities on this people.” etc. The process is too difficult anyway. People always feel that they cannot get through it. But Radio Liangyou will enter this difficult stage with listeners in 2024. The broadcasting theme for year 2024 will be designated as “Trim and Train” !
  2. Self-study Platform: The self-study platform of Liangyou Theological Seminary has been very popular among users since its launch. Our co-workers are still thinking over and trying in respect of both the learning platform and examination model. In the future, we will add examination questions in form of words, hoping to help learners master and strengthen their ability to express in words. This will make them more comprehensive and mature in pastoral services and delivering sermons.