China News & Prayer (2023.11.25-30)

My Difficult Life

“I’m an ankylosing spondylitis patient and walking is getting more difficult to me. I have been a Christian for more than 30 years, yet I have frequently thought about death experiencing pain and difficulties in my life. Why doesn’t God take me? Why does God leave me here to suffer? Listening to Radio Liangyou for long time, I have got some Knowledge of the Bible. Good health allowed me to lead group gatherings in church. Wheelchair-bound now, I have felt exhausted every time. Being bed-ridden and alone, I hate to imagine what I will become without anyone taking care of me. I have lost hope and direction facing the uncertainties. Having no appetite, I think about death every day.”

(Brother Zhao)

  • God knows the pain of brother Zhao. God is the only comfort. May God send angels to help brother Zhao experience His love.

Theft in the Confusion

Being one of the most influential music festivals, the Zhongyuan Midi Music Festival (Central China Rock Music Festival) taking place in Nanyang succeeded in catching attention and attracting at least 50 thousand of concertgoers. Hotels in the city and its surrounding area were fully booked However, numerous festival goers complained that many of their belongings, including tents, sleeping bags, truck campers, mobile phones, notebooks, bank cards and cash, had been stolen from the venue and camping area. Local police formed a task force to investigate the theft case and already grasped certain information on some thieves concerned and recovered some lost items.

(“The Paper”, October 4, 2023)

  • Pray that more cities can make reference to the successful examples of the combination of culture and tourism and create a greater business opportunity by integrating people effectiveness and local business-men. The organizer will learn the lesson and enhance the support measures such as order and security.

The Confused Youth

“I have known the Radio for almost one and a half year and was comforted and encouraged when being at the lowest point in my life. My 22-year-old daughter has been exposed to undesirable web pages. I have found her masturbating lately. Feeling very annoyed, I do not know how to help my child get rid of this bad habit. Please pray for her. Please teach me how to talk about this subject with my child. I do not want my child to sink into the abyss of degradation, but have no wisdom to teach her to have correct views on sex.”

(Sister Zhang)

  • May God help sister Zhang build trust with her daughter. May the Holy Spirit instruct sister Zhang how to teach her adult daughter and take care of her needs.

Uyghur Followers of Christ

Uyghurs who live at the northwest of China are always the news headline. They have been encountering numerous religious, social, ethnic and cultural challenges. Only a minority of Uyghurs has been enlightened by the Holy Spirit and become Christians. At the same time, they have to face the oppression from their families and racial ethnic groups. Some overseas Christians visited this small group of Uyghur Christians in this September. They said that the local Christians still had peace with God standing up to the oppression and pressure and living an energetic life subtly.

  • May God protect Uyghur Christians and enable them to survive the oppression and difficulties and stand still. May people see their good deeds and be attracted to the gospel. Pray for the people among Uyghur Christians and that God will shelter them with His wings.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. New Program Schedule: The new seasonal program schedule was released at the end of October. A total of six brand new programs have been launched. May God bless and use our different program teams. In addition, the broadcast schedule of the program “Beyond and Infinite” made for persons with disabilities has been changed from a 30-minute episode on seven day in a week to an one-hour episode on Saturdays and Sundays. Pray that the audience will get used to the new schedule.
  2. Staff turnover: We will come across staff turnover and replacements for the entire company. Pray that God will give grace and strength to the staff to get integrated into their work, and help staff be understanding and take initiative. Pray for a smooth transition into all jobs.