Prayer Request (2023.05)

Looking Back: This year happens to be the 65th anniversary of the inauguration of FEBC Hong Kong. In customary practice, the fifths are less celebrated than the tenths, perhaps that’s why I was not aware of the occasion at the beginning of the year. Coincidentally, several of our staff members that were born 65 years ago are also reaching their ripe age ready for retirement. Each one of them has been our good partner serving with us faithfully over these many years. Saying good-bye is never easy. But replacing the old with the new has always been a law in God’s creation — flowers give way to fruits, and the tree flourishes even richer. Wishing our good partners, as well as our staffs, a brighter and more bounteous new chapter!

Back to Normal: As we tread into the summer months, we expect the pandemic to subside even further. While the back-to-normal motif seems to ring louder and louder in our ears, we are seeing new challenges popping up within the realms of our ministry. Surely we look forward to a state of back-to-normal, but we must also adapt to the new protocols with much courage. Your continued prayer support is our source of strength — may the Lord who gives us all things grant us the wisdom we need, to bear much fruit in the land we serve!

Take Roots: Dignitaries change, international relationships reciprocate. In view of these ever-changing elements, we need an anchor for our soul. Only the never-changing Christ the Lord is worth our trust. This year, the annual broadcast theme on Radio Liangyou is “Take Roots”, with “Take Roots in the Truth” as the sub-theme for the second quarter. Pray that all of us may take roots firmly in Christ’s truth, that we may experience the inner strength that comes from rest and quietness, even in this troubled world, and go forth together with steadfast faith and a clear vision!