China News & Prayer (2023.12.24-31)

The Prodigal Son Returns

“When my son studied in the grade six of elementary school, he became weary of studying. I had tried every means to guide his education, but he still dropped out of school. After that he had a part-time job and experienced the hardship of his job. He had to go to work before dawn and suffered a lot. After a while, he decided to return to school to continue studying. From then on, he studied very seriously and didn’t need us to remind him. It really seemed like he had changed into another person. Thanks to God’s grace. He has been admitted to a ‘second tier’ university. I’m grateful to the radio program host for comforting and guiding me when my child has problems. Moreover, neither of my two children believes in the Lord. I’m a little anxious and hope that they will return to the Lord Jesus soon.”

(Sister Chen)

  • It is very thankful that the sister’s son has not continued to act unscrupulously and that he has been back to the path of studying again. May God continue to lead her and help her two children know the truth and the Lord.

Identity Displayed

The requirements of China’s internet real-name system have been raised. Many social media platforms such as Douyin/TikTok, Weibo and WeChat have announced that they will guide accounts with more than 500,000 followers to display their real-name information in batches and stages. If an account is registered as an individual, the registrant’s real name will be displayed. In addition, an institutional account will have its enterprise or company name displayed. The relevant real-name information can be viewed on the information page of the account. Many platforms have also declared that permission to view the real-name information of other people’s accounts will be provided only for accounts which have completed authentication; while internet celebrity accounts that fail to comply with the requirements for real-name information will have their network traffic and income restricted.

(“Chengdu Economic Daily”, November 2, 2023)

  • Please pray that netizens can publish their information rationally on the Internet and avoid cyber-bullying or other illegal behaviors after the implementation of the Internet real-name system.

Naxi Bible

About 300,000 Naxi people regard the ancient city of Lijiang, a tourist resort in Yunnan, as their home. The most significant part of Naxi culture is an ancient hieroglyphic, Dongba. More than 1,000 years ago, they created a writing system with 1,500 single words. Dongba is known as “the only living hieroglyphic”. In 1912, Dutch missionaries came to preach the gospel of Christ to Naxi people. As a result, nine local people believed in the Lord and were baptized in 1930. In 1932, the Dutch Pentecostal Church translated parts of the Bible into Naxi language. Later, the number of Naxi Christians dropped sharply due to changes in the social environment. Nowadays, although the number of Christians is small in Lijiang, it is growing steadily. Naxi Christians have also been working hard to translate and produce audio bibles. They have completed the Four Gospels, Acts and Romans.

  • Please pray that the Lord will help Naxi believers who have been translating the Bible secretly and silently. This is a long, lonely and arduous ministry. It is deeply hoped that one day Naxi people will have a bible in their own language and they can enter in Christ the kingdom of God.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Broadcasting Theme: Someone says that there is no growth without pain. This is the process of growth. No one likes pain no matter what people say: “An uncut gem goes not sparkle.” and “Heaven will confer great responsibilities on this people.” etc. The process is too difficult anyway. People always feel that they cannot get through it. But Radio Liangyou will enter this difficult stage with listeners in 2024. The broadcasting theme for year 2024 will be designated as “Trim and Train” !
  2. Self-study Platform: The self-study platform of Liangyou Theological Seminary has been very popular among users since its launch. Our co-workers are still thinking over and trying in respect of both the learning platform and examination model. In the future, we will add examination questions in form of words, hoping to help learners master and strengthen their ability to express in words. This will make them more comprehensive and mature in pastoral services and delivering sermons.