China News & Prayer (2019.07.17-23)

Request for Intercession “I am a full-time mother. I listen to the radio every day when preparing breakfast for my family. Every time I listen, I am always impressed! There are three things I want to ask for intercession: (1) My husband is very busy with his work. He works overtime almost every day. Ask the Lord to make him place God in the first priority and rectify his mentality to serve God in his work. Pray that God will […]

Prayer Request (2019.07)

Resolve Enmity: The proposal to amend the “Extradition Bill” has brought about another upsurge of dissension in the Hong Kong society. Let us keep a vigilant watch for our place, and ask the Father to resolve enmity, bring conflicts to an end and guide Hongkongers out of the whirl. Broadcast Ministries: Up till now, FEBC’s mainland gospel broadcast ministries are basically working fine. May the Lord bless our broadcasts via short wave, medium wave, web or mobile app platforms. May […]

China News & Prayer (2019.07.10-16)

Distressed and Miserable “A year ago, my husband forced me to sell our house for investment, and we lost nearly 10 million dollars” Although we won the lawsuit, the other party was hiding, and the court could not execute it. We couldn’t get the money and I am very distressed. I have no one to talk to. I don’t know where God leads! Where is fairness and justice? I wonder if a Christian should pursue legal responsibility. My husband, perhaps […]

China News & Prayer (2019.07.01-09)

Shared Dads An app about “shared dads” has recently gone viral on social media. After entering the program page, the user’s whereabout will be located. Users can select their own father figure, choosing from options including business, warm men, sports, art and humor; or even request kinds of service the “dad” to provide. On this “shared dad” renting platform, one could also find their nearest perfect “Daddy”. However, after selecting the choice of dad and at the point of finalizing […]

China News & Prayer (2019.06.22-30)

Difficult to Forgive “Let bygones be bygones – it’s easier said than done. The moment I saw the cruel and unkind message from my father, all the sunken hatred and hurts between us cropped up. And due to this irresponsible man and his doings on me, my gratefulness to God has greatly subsided but replaced with resentment and jealousy, mostly. Resented being born in such a family; and envied those born in a family with loving parents. To overcome my […]

China News & Prayer (2019.06.15-21)

Now Discouraged “I am sorry that I cannot let my parent feel at ease. I used to pray that I could wait until 30 years old, but I am now discouraged. Many single sisters of my age are highly educated and work well, but there are really no suitable brothers. The situation is like this, how to adjust myself? I am worried and depression. I isolate myself, and I am not interested to interact with people honestly. I feel the […]

China News & Prayer (2019.06.08-14)

Still Exalt the Lord? “There is some depression in the environment of Christian brothers and sisters at present. The government has made a series of changes in the relevant regulations. Currently, many churches have found it hard to refuse to follow. Especially in Henan, what model the churches have become makes us feel that our faith in the Lord Jesus is not as simple as before. Isn’t only the Lord in this temple? Why are there other songs praising the […]

China News & Prayer (2019.06.01-07)

Hard to Let Go “I’m 43 years old, was married but with no child. Divorced two years ago because of his extra-marital affair. I did have some self-reflection though, realizing of my pride, dis-obedience, lack of tolerance and understanding. I was baptized in 2013. I am the head of a foreign trade company, through which I made acquaintance with a Japanese-Chinese client who he is married and has children. I clearly expressed my Christians’ view on marriage and wished not […]

China News & Prayer (2019.05.24-31)

I’m Confused “I was brought to church and to believe in Jesus when I was still a toddler. Regularly did I keep going to church until I left for Beijing for college. In Beijing, I stayed at my uncle’s place and I didn’t attend church regularly. My uncle is a businessman. Right after my graduation last year, I got a job. That lasted for only half a year, then I have become unemployed for a few months. My mother let […]