China News & Prayer (2019.04.10-16)

A Radio Fan “I am from Shandong. I have just listened to your program through shortwave. I feel that it is very meaningful. I wrote a letter to you about four years ago. I was just a radio fan at that time. Currently, I have also started to learn Christianity with the help of my girlfriend. She and her parents have been Christians for many years. They study the Bible after dinner every day. They also go to church at […]

Prayer Request (2019.04)

Broadcast Response: We got very desirable figures of 1.4 million program downloads in the first two months of 2019, and listening on streaming media over 70,000 hours! The number of users on various portals amounts to 570,000! Please remember in your prayer our co-workers’ productions and the listeners tuning in to our broadcasts. New Productions: To cater to our imminent needs, Radio Liangyou began to launch some specific programs for young people in October last year. In late March, with […]

Joyful Tree Holistic Growth Course

In this society where information is flooding and values are biased, where can children listen to the correct and good news? Where do children go to find guidance for life? In response to the needs of this generation, Radio Liangyou produce a series of program called “Joyful Tree Holistic Growth Course” for children, parents and teachers. It runs every Saturdays and Sundays, starting from March 31, 2019. We look forward to healthy growth with parents and children! The “Joyful Tree […]

China News & Prayer (2019.04.01-09)

Pray for Son-in-law “Please pray keenly for my son-in-law, 35 years old, from Jiangsu. He fell in love with my daughter when she was 24. He was enthusiastic for church activity at the beginning of their relationship. After married and with a kid, my son-in-law becomes distant from God: no prayers, no bible reading, bad tempered and living self-centeredly with no regards to the Lord and others. His life is in pieces, that he had even once bitten the thumb […]

China News & Prayer (2019.03.23-31)

Deeply Touched “I have believed in Jesus Christ for 12 years. In fact, I heard about your programs when I was in junior high, yet a Christian. In 2006 the year when I converted, I listened to Liangyou with a radio; now, a mobile phone will do the job. Therefore, when I looked back, I was amazed to see this platform which God has raised! In 2009, when I was in Fuzhou, Fujian Province as a soldier, I wrote a […]

China News & Prayer (2019.03.16-22)

Waiting for Marriage “I have been waiting for marriage for many years and I am going to 34 years old soon. I insist on seeking a Christian brother but my persistence has started to falter. I have heard your counseling program on being single. But I cannot let go. I often cannot sleep well and escape from reality. I am completely pessimistic and my memory is also declining. I am afraid of remembering things incorrectly when I go to work […]

China News & Prayer (2019.03.09-15)

Companioned by Radio “After I had graduated from theology in Henan in June 2001, I participated in ministries. I helped my mother read the Bible when I was at home. However, I could not help her when I went to work. My mother is illiterate, but she thirsts for God’s words. After all, she has been listening to your radio programs for nearly 40 years. She has had an inseparable relationship with the radio station. Moreover, my father has left […]

China News & Prayer (2019.03.01-08)

I’m confused “I am a vet. I met my girlfriend earlier in 2018 and was planning to get engaged during year-end. Despite some unhappiness, we both treasured our time together. We however broke up not long ago but the reason is unidentified. My mother, who is a Christian, has influenced me since my childhood. To her God, I showed respect but have never really believed in, despite how much she wanted me and my ex-girlfriend to while we were still […]

China News & Prayer (2019.02.23-28)

Great Healing “A dozen years ago, I met and believed in Jesus through the Radio Liangyou. I was sick that time but with the radio programs conveyed, the Lord Jesus healed my schizophrenia. Later when I worked again, however, I was unable to listen to the radio. Had it not been the companionship of Liangyou every day, I might have disappeared from this world already. I here send my biggest gratitude and regards to the hosts, teachers and behind-the-scenes of […]