China News & Prayer (2022.08.11-17)

My Son is Gay “My son was taken and brought up by my mother-in-law since his birth. We bought a house when my son was ten. Then we moved and stayed together at the new place since then. After entering college, he told me that he was gay. I was shocked and wondering if bad friends influenced him. Several years have gone; nothing has changed. Recently, he told me his fondness to a male is more an emotional dependence to […]

China News & Prayer (2022.08.01-10)

Family Altar “My child became a Christian when he was eight years old but seldom attends church now. Accepting God as his Savior, he will read the Bible at my request and can tell the God’s Word he has read. However, he does not join any fellowship. We are a Christian family but do not have the spiritual atmosphere at home. Without a close relationship with God, my husband does not understand God’s Word and only surf the net on […]

China News & Prayer (2022.07.24-31)

Couldn’t Care Less “My parents are always worried about my marriage. They would persuade me to leave my husband. We have been living in different cities for five years due to our jobs. The most regretful person in this marriage is our daughter. This man is arrogant, selfish and irresponsible. He has a big temper and has little interaction with me. When I brought forth our marital problem to him, he didn’t know how to fix it. I really don’t […]

Prayer Request (2022.07)

A New Leader: Starting in June, Rev. King-yin HO has set sail on a new voyage as our Acting Chief Executive. In addition, Mr. Daniel CHOW also takes up his appointment as Officer-In-Charge of the General Office. May the Heavenly Father guide them with His mighty power, as they take up and lead the Hong Kong team in the journey ahead. A New Platform: “Liangyou Anywhere” was launched in July. Please see details at Radio Liangyou’s website (URL: regarding […]

China News & Prayer (2022.07.17-23)

Lord’s Healing “I accidentally broke my leg last year. It was very painful to lie in bed daily during that time. I felt not only the pain in my leg, but also the loneliness in my soul. This was because I had been distant from God before my leg was bruised. I had been very weak in my spirit and hadn’t read the Bible for a long time. When I was recuperating, I was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Therefore […]

China News & Prayer (2022.07.10-16)

Not Reconciled To Get Married “I was urged to get engaged at the beginning of the year. I had made this decision because I was over age. I know I shouldn’t break the engagement easily. We have only known each other for half a year. When I think it over, I find the decision too hasty. Some of his conditions make me very worried, such as his economic situation and skeleton of the past, etc. My economic situation is better […]

China News & Prayer (2022.07.01-09)

It’s Perplexing “My church is indeed desolate. I have been puzzled by the fact that although our church isn’t good, unity is still needed. I have heard a teacher who preaches the truth constantly criticizing the church for its bad. Of course, these imperfections exist. She left the church because she had been emotionally traumatized in church. She might not have been healed. Now she is only responsible for teaching some truths in our church because of her theological knowledgeability. […]

China News & Prayer (2022.06.24-30)

Not Glorify God “My family believes in the Lord. My younger brother’s wife is reasonable and sensible. They have been married for six years. Their family has lived very peacefully in the past few years after their marriage. But she just likes to dress up and don’t want a housewife look. My younger brother finds all of these unacceptable. At present, she suddenly doesn’t want to be with him, saying that they still don’t have a car nor a house […]

Prayer Request (2022.06)

Mandate in Succession In the past two or three years, a handful of our staff and missionaries, including myself, have reached their retirement age. May the Lord establish the work their hands have done. Pray also for other staff in succession that they may carry on the good work with wisdom and strength from above. Broadcast by Radio-waves As the challenges the ministry must tackle become increasingly difficult, pray that the Lord will undertake that all various platforms may operate […]