China News & Prayer (2024.07.01-10)

Blessed with a Child

“When I was pregnant with my third child, my husband was totally against it. We already had two boys, I didn’t have a job, and all the pressure was on him alone. The checkup showed I was carrying another boy, so my husband treated me poorly and sometimes even cursed at me. I knew as a Christian I couldn’t have an abortion – this was a blessing from Jehovah – so I insisted on giving birth. My heart wavered at times too, as raising children really isn’t easy, and I even considered giving the baby to relatives, but I just couldn’t. Thank God for turning my husband’s heart around. Now he fully accepts this child and is overjoyed every time he comes home, holding the baby and not letting go.”

(Sister Zheng)

  • Thank God for blessing Sister Zheng’s family with this child. Pray for her family, that God would grant them wisdom and strength, and that her husband can wholeheartedly accept this child and be a loving, supportive father.

Marital Relationship

“My husband has a very bad temper and is not good at communicating. When he is distressed, he will curse and verbally abuse me, and sometimes even hit me. I know he is under a lot of pressure because we have three children; plus, I have some mental issues and tend to be obsessive, not giving him enough care. By listening to your programs, the host’s patient guidance has helped me strive to change myself. I thank God for answering my prayers, as my husband has changed somewhat compared to before, no longer so irritable towards me, and our marital relationship has become much more harmonious. I am filled with gratitude to the Lord Jesus.”

(Sister Cui)

  • Be grateful for the improved and harmonious relationship between Sister Cui and her husband, believing that this is the wonderful work of God in their lives. May God continue to protect Sister Cui so that she can raise her children healthily.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. 75th Anniversary Celebration: Radio Liangyou is celebrating its 75th anniversary broadcasting “Praising His Boundless Power” along with listeners. On July 29, there will be a live music concert in the afternoon with young co-workers singing songs suggested by listeners to represent Radio Liangyou. In the evening, a three-hour thanksgiving service and live-streamed program will allow listeners to participate and give thanks together. Pray that the arrangements for that day will be blessed and proceed smoothly.
  2. Internet Controls: Facing internet controls, co-workers will cautiously assess the situation and consider gradually releasing updated information when appropriate. Ask the Lord for wisdom. Though facing difficulties, it’s encouraging to see listeners still able to access the Radio Liangyou website through various means and interact with us.