China News & Prayer (2024.06.17-23)

Grow Together

“With resentment and bitterness taking root, I found it so hard to forgive people. Feeling helpless and insecure, I lost joy and hope in life. Not fully trusting the Lord, I was unable to entrust my burdens to Him. Under such chaotic condition, I discovered Radio Liangyou by chance. Listening to the hosts’ friendly voices, I felt so warm, so welcoming. The host talked about the Bible. The content was familiar to me and comforted my lonely heart. Since then, I have been listening to the programs for more than four years. Happy to hear your voices, I have prayed for the hosts. May God consider all of you worthy of double honor for preaching the gospel to all. Growing up with the radio and walking the path to Heaven together with you have given me a lot of strength. I know that all this is the grace of God.”

(Sister Zhu)

  • In times of darkness and helplessness, Sister Zhu got back on her feet because of the Radio. Everything has happened by the grace of God. May God continue to use the Radio to help more people grow and renew.

Education via Humiliation

An internet celebrity claiming to be an experienced homeschooling expert has recently released multiple videos that have caught people’s attention. In one of the videos, the internet celebrity threw a box containing a boy’s beloved model toy on the floor and told the boy to break it himself with a hammer. The celebrity even hit the boy’s hand with a ruler. In another video, the celebrity got a girl to throw her toys and comic books into the rubbish bin. These behaviors have been criticized for educating through bullying and humiliation. An official of Jiayuguan Education Bureau responded that the internet celebrity addressed the netizens’ problems after retiring in 2023. The Education Bureau will intervene.

(“The Paper”, May 6, 2024)

  • Many parents want their children to be taught by professional education experts but fail to consider children’s psychological health. Pray that the Lord will guide parents to educate their children with love and teach them the word of God directing them to walk in His truth.

Fountain of Grace

“More than ten years ago, I read a gospel leaflet by chance. I was so impressed by the content, and my wife and I started searching over the Internet for related materials. We listened to the gospel, listened to the sermons, and we also learned to sing hymns. Finally, we discovered Radio Liangyou. We then joined the church in a Christmas and started to serve God in different ways. We knew nothing about writing sermons and only slightly revised those written by others that had been found online. We felt like stealing things from others. Therefore, we enrolled in a theology program. What we have gained is not important but people we have blessed are. Let us help others by providing a channel of God’s grace instead of being a dead sea without outlets.”

(Brother Ma)

  • Pray for Brother Ma for his studies and application of what he has learned. May God bless brother and his wife’s service and use them as a channel of grace to help more people.

Uncertainties about Traffic Accident

At the intersection of a road in Chongchuan District, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, a dump truck collided with a coach. The coach was travelling in its lane, and the dump truck came from the right. The two vehicles then collided and slid to the left together. It was said that the coach was arranged by the school. According to parents, the coach was carrying nearly 40 students of Tonghe Primary School in Nantong and on the way to a campus art show in Chongchuan District. Eight persons were injured, including one in critical condition, one having serious injuries and six minor injuries. Parents inquired about their child’s rescue after watching the footage of the accident. Members of the public also went to help and donate blood. Local Nantong people asked about the causes of the accident while the Officials have not yet released results of the investigation.

(“Shangguan News”, May 12, 2024)

  • Pray for speedy recovery of the injured and for the family who has lost their relative. May the wisdom of God guide the investigators to find out the truth preventing similar incidents from happening again. May children and parents in Nantong be comforted and encouraged and their wounds be healed.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. God’s Word, God’s Way: The online bible study course, “God’s Word, God’s Way – a Spiritual Banquet”, finished successfully in April and May. Being authorized by our partner to use the materials; we had group discussion and sharing of message for each session. The number of students admitted is not large because we want to ensure the quality of group discussions. However, the enthusiastic responses from the audience show that they are very thirsty for God’s Words in their hearts and eager to be satisfied.
  2. Website access: People have experienced difficulties in accessing the websites of Liangyou Radio and Liangyou Theological Seminary since mid-April. Many listeners have written to us to inquire. There are also some believers who have visited in person to inquire. While colleagues are busy responding to these inquiries, they are also working hard to investigate the causes and conduct tests. Ask the Lord to grant us wisdom and open an unobstructed way for us.