China News & Prayer (2024.06.10-16)

Master the Meaning

“The latest session in the program ‘D Classroom’ is very helpful to me, in particular self-management. I have been working for some years but made no progress in my career and felt anxious. The program has made me understand more about God’s will and impressed me so much. Do not think that you must maintain and use the skill that you are good at. Choosing to play and invest in the skill that allows you to glorify God is more important. In addition, having no skill is also part of the God’s plan. This really has changed some of my thoughts. I think this program enables me to understand God’s will even more. Grateful for the help I have received.”

(Audience Wei)

  • Pray that Wei can figure out God’s will for his career and His plan for his life. Pray that Wei can make the most of what he has got.

Internet Celebrity Snacks

Sharing short videos is becoming increasingly popular. Videos of kids’ snacks have captured the children’s love of bright colors and curiosity, and attracted many children and parents to buy. Many parent networkers shoot videos with hashtag “family time” eating all kinds of strange snacks with their children. The colorful snacks and sweets with unique shapes attract the kid audience to buy. Internet celebrities have sold the snacks at different prices online. There are also safety risks such as variable quality, unclear ingredient lists, lack of supervision, etc. Many children lack food safety awareness and parents have to help them choose safe and clean food to protect their health.

(“Beijing Evening News”, May 6, 2024)

  • May God give parents wisdom to tell what is right and wrong, teach their children right and healthy values and not to blindly follow the trends and choose unhealthy snacks. May God help the relevant government departments regulate these Internet-acclaimed food products.

Amazing Grace

“I have become a Christian since I was small. However, I married a non-believer. Our values clashed and our marriage crashed. I then thought about God again and remembered His love. Going to church, I felt happy and hopeful. The doctor said it was unlikely I could ever have children. My husband was not the head of the family. For some time, everything just turned negative in my life. I prayed every day but nothing became better. Then God is so amazing that He has given me two daughters. Thank God for saving me from destruction. The change in my life has affected my husband. He is a Christian and God’s servant now.”

(Sister Shang)

  • Sister Shang had a difficult time once in her life yet God has not abandoned her. God has given her more than what she asked for. May God continue to guide this family to become others’ blessings.

Intelligent Coal Detection

The China Brand Fair 2024 showcased the new batch of intellectualized coal mining machines, which have made coal-digging more intellectualized. The coal can now be transported to the surface after being extracted from the mine. In China, these types of oversized intelligent scrapers have the largest transportation capacity of 8,000 tons per hour and an estimated lifespan over 100 million tons. Being the high intellectualized conveyor equipment for shaft mining with the longest designed life, the scrapers can tackle a series of technological challenges such as handling all types of heavy and large volume loads, increasing load carrying capacity of traction pins and adjusting automatically the dynamic chain tension.

(“China News”, May 11, 2024)

  • May God give wisdom and creativity to the developers of technology products enabling the mining sector to make further progress. Further protect the safety of miners and reduce mining accidents while enhancing efficiency. May the use of technology benefit both humans and the society.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. God’s Word, God’s Way: The online bible study course, “God’s Word, God’s Way – a Spiritual Banquet”, finished successfully in April and May. Being authorized by our partner to use the materials; we had group discussion and sharing of message for each session. The number of students admitted is not large because we want to ensure the quality of group discussions. However, the enthusiastic responses from the audience show that they are very thirsty for God’s Words in their hearts and eager to be satisfied.
  2. Website access: People have experienced difficulties in accessing the websites of Liangyou Radio and Liangyou Theological Seminary since mid-April. Many listeners have written to us to inquire. There are also some believers who have visited in person to inquire. While colleagues are busy responding to these inquiries, they are also working hard to investigate the causes and conduct tests. Ask the Lord to grant us wisdom and open an unobstructed way for us.