China News & Prayer (2024.07.11-17)

A Greater Blessing

“I have believed in the Lord for more than 30 years. When I was young, I incidentally listened to Radio Liangyou. I thought it was ridiculous at the time because the content of the radio program was completely different from the education I received. I listened to it with my father, and I was scolding while I was listening. But I believed in Jesus within a month. I clearly remembered at the time that I was crying while listening. I shed tears unconsciously and I did not know why. Now I think that I have been touched by the Holy Spirit. Initially my father warned me that he would break my legs if I believed in Jesus. But I did not back down and I had also found a church for worshipping. The reason why I believed in Jesus was simple at that time. I wanted God to heal my eyes so that I could see again. Although my wish did not come true, I received a greater blessing.”

(Sister Han)

  • Thank God for changing Sister Han’s life. She has received grace from Him by chance. Pray that although Sister Han has visual impairment, she can live a life on earth as in heaven because of the Lord.

Unmarried Young People

The “China Statistical Yearbook 2023” shows that the number of marriage registrations in 2022 decreased by 808,000 couples when compared with 2021. Why are young people less interest in getting married? In the Internet Age, this issue is no longer a private topic between two people or two families. Some negative voices are often amplified on the network. Negative news about the issue of love and marriage, such as infidelity and domestic violence, is frequently exposed. Young people, then, have unconsciously gradually reduced their expected values for a happy marriage and their trust in the opposite sex. Some young people even gradually believe that “it is good to be alone.” In addition, people nowadays are under great pressure from work and study. They have a fast pace of life and a rigid social circle, etc. All these have kept many young people in a passive single situation.

(“China Youth Daily”, May 30, 2024)

  • Marriage is a perfect connection God has given to mankind. Pray that the love of the Lord spread throughout the earth so that people will know the Lord and love others with His love. Also pray that people can return to seek the original meaning of marriage.

Light In the Valley

“I am a person with very low self-esteem. My husband’s words have frequently dealt a blow to me after I have got married for so many years. I was injured at work earlier, but my husband did not take good care of me. This made me very sad. Fortunately, my brothers and sisters in Christ prayed for me. God has gradually changed me. My heart has opened up and I am no longer so suppressed. God has also arranged a couple who are doctors to help me. Currently I have had a joyful life. My greatest hope is that my family members will believe in the Lord. When I think of the staff from the radio station praying for me from afar, my heart is touched very much. I have really tasted the sweetness of being with the Lord Jesus.”

(Sister Liu)

  • Pray that Sister Liu will feel the sweetness of the Lord through the intercession of brothers and sisters in Christ and the help of the doctor couple. Though in a difficult environment, her life will become joyful.

Growth Companions

Children’s growth companions who accompany children during their study and play have recently emerged in major cities in China. They are mainly hired by parents who have high incomes, busy work and no time for their children. The duty of growth companions is to pick up children from school and accompany them during activities of reading, drawing and doing crafts etc. Growth companions also provide targeted guidance and support for children, including the development of good habits, provision of care and protection during outdoor activities, and enlightening children on their interests and hobbies. In addition, they should also help children overcome difficulties and assist parents in solving problems encountered by children during the process of growth. Moreover, growth companions make up for parents’ deficiencies in the aspect of education to certain extent. Therefore, employment of these growth companions is attractive to high-income people.

(“Workers’ Daily”, June 3, 2024)

  • May the Lord give the government officials a keen sense of touch to strengthen the supervision of such emerging industries related to child care. Pray that the Lord will touch parents so as to enable them to care more about their children’s growth without resorting to other people.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. 75th Anniversary Celebration: Radio Liangyou is celebrating its 75th anniversary broadcasting “Praising His Boundless Power” along with listeners. On July 29, there will be a live music concert in the afternoon with young co-workers singing songs suggested by listeners to represent Radio Liangyou. In the evening, a three-hour thanksgiving service and live-streamed program will allow listeners to participate and give thanks together. Pray that the arrangements for that day will be blessed and proceed smoothly.
  2. Internet Controls: Facing internet controls, co-workers will cautiously assess the situation and consider gradually releasing updated information when appropriate. Ask the Lord for wisdom. Though facing difficulties, it’s encouraging to see listeners still able to access the Radio Liangyou website through various means and interact with us.