Yearly Archives: 2021

Mother-child Separation “We have been married for five years, and we have a son. I believe in the Lord, but my husband is not. We have been arguing for five years since we married. My husband has an affair which has been pressing me to initiate our divorce. However, my child is young. As long as I can take care of my child, I endure his indifferent violence, unreasonable behaviors and refusal to support our living. But I cannot exchange […]

China News & Prayer (2021.12.25-31)

Rejection “My child was taken to live with my parents-in-law in the city after my child was born. It was because I was sick and sleep deprived during ‘postpartum confinement’. My child loved to run when he was young but I couldn’t run as fast. That is why I seldom played with my child. I couldn’t sleep well every time when I visited my child at my parents-in-law’s home as their house is small. My mother-in-law unwilling to accept me […]

China News & Prayer (2021.12.18-24)

Drive Me Out “My parents have driven me out of home and I have to live by myself. In opposition with God, my parents dare does all kinds of evil things. My father spoke to me when I was fifteen that no one would worship him or buy him sacrificial food after he died. He is still hostile to God for this reason and wants to kill me after finding out I believe in God. My father said to me, […]

China News & Prayer (2021.12.11-17)

Pray For My Family “I want to pray for the harmony of my family. Noticing my mother’s strong influence in my family, my father’s cowardice in front of her and my younger brother’s unreasonable filial piety for her, I don’t know when such kind of condition will terminate. May the Lord give us a repentant mind and a chance of repentance for the rest of our life. I hope that we will be living in the kindness, peace and wisdom […]

China News & Prayer (2021.12.01-10)

Heartbreaking “My child played truant. Because he was addicted to mobile games, he was willful, selfish, and irritable. He also smoked. That often made us mad and sad. He plays games days and nights, and not eating on schedule. Hence, he becomes skinny. We are not wealthy. We live in the mountains, and I must work to support my family. My husband also blamed me for not disciplining well our son. Despite the constant prayers from church for the child, […]

China News & Prayer (2021.11.21-30)

Praying for Mother “Members of my family have become Christians for more than a year. My mother has been disturbed by satanic influences over the decades. She can see figures of statues floating around like watching a movie. Strangers wonder whether she is mentally ill. We all know that my mother is mentally healthy. My parents and I were baptized and joined the church last year. Feeling a little better physically, my mother still sees those figures. I’m here to […]

China News & Prayer (2021.11.14-20)

God Before Us: The typhoon “Lionrock” reminds me of this city symbolized by the Lionrock mountain. This is exactly where FEBC Hong Kong has been doing the Gospel radio ministry for over 60 years — albeit operating at present in an “autumn-winter” mode. Yet we firmly trust that the future is in God’s hands. We just need to look up for His grace and expect His wonderful works! “I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember […]

Prayer Request (2021.11)

Deeply Frustrated “The poor relationship with my husband has deeply frustrated me. After resigning from his job in an overseas enterprise two years ago, my husband turned his interest into a career. He ran a business of selling tea leaves and tea accessories in his friend circles on WeChat. The business was not good in 2020. He then stays at home almost every day spending all time on his mobile phone. He stops me every time when I try to […]

China News & Prayer (2021.11.07-13)

Fertility Problems “I wanted to have children, but because of my health condition, two years passed but I haven’t got pregnant. Gastrointestinal problems seriously affect the quality of my life. My husband is nice to me, yet he holds no hope for my pregnancy. I’m sometimes influenced by him, but I’m confident, just need to be patient. Most of the time I’m very positive and optimistic, but whenever my husband is discouraged, I’m discouraged and scared. I saw a quote: […]

China News & Prayer (2021.11.01-06)