It’s Belief but not Superstition

Superstition is blind faith for, without true understanding, something which is even wrong or fake. Belief is justified by a true recognition of something which is real and right through acquiring knowledge and experience. Some audience once had questions marks on their minds and then had their doubts cleared after pursuing God for a period of time. They are willing to submit to Jesus and gradually build their religious foundation through what they believe.

Change Your Thinking
By chance, I listened to Radio Liangyou when I was in Form 5 in 1985. The male host said that God was Creator and humans were created by God but not through evolution. I was impressed but did not believe what he had said. I did not realize there was a God in charge of us until 1997. I recalled the aforesaid message I had heard in senior secondary school. Therefore I bought a radio and began to listen to the programs of Radio Liangyou. Finally I have become a Christian. (Audience Xie)

Passing On to Submission
My parents committed to God and wanted to pass on their beliefs to me. I considered it superstition and rejected it. I wanted to know more about Christianity only after my mother had passed away. I read the Bible left by my mother but did not understand. I accidentally listened to Radio Liangyou. Listening to the programs for a long period of time, I have gradually built my faith. I told a colleague about this. She said she believed it too and took me to her church. I have never stopped attending church since then. I am the church Elder and deliver sermons in church now. Thank Radio Liangyou so much for leading me the right way to God. (Audience “Hui Jia Sui Yue”)

From the Beginning of Knowledge Acquisition
Driven by my teen curiosity, fear and respect, exploration, and delightful radio programs, I found God under His’ guidance and was enlightened in thinking about religion. I committed my life to following God after seven years, repent and was saved. (Audience “Tian Lu Wei Chen”)

Learn God’s Truth Gradually
Through the three years of radio programs on Good News, I know that Christianity is not superstitious but true religion. I decided to commit my life to Christ. (Audience Huang)