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Tongzhou: Beijing Deputy Center In 2012, at the 11th Party Congress in Beijing, the Beijing Municipal Committee decided to build a fully functional Beijing Deputy Center in Tongzhou. This is a major strategic decision: package Beijing into a cosmopolitan city with lavish Chinese characteristics to help promote the scientific development of the capital. Shifting some of its administrative functions out of the city center will enable Beijing to address her “urban ills” by better spatial restructuring and redeveloping the city. […]

China News & Prayer (2018.12.23-31)

I have listened to the lectures broadcast on radio since I was 18 years old. The Radio Liangyou’s lecture series have equipped me with the necessary knowledge I need to serve people during the past 30 years. One of my co-workers (she is a graduate from the Liangyou Theological Seminary) introduced this learning program to me. I was so happy and I registered. I paid full attention listening to every lecture and would repeatedly listen to the important parts over […]

All Lectures were Important

True Meaning of Christmas: Though Christmas is widely celebrated in our generation, the true meaning of Christ’s birth is getting more and more obscure. In a commercial society, Christmas is merely a golden opportunity for gift sales. In areas where the Gospel is monitored, Christmas is a taboo. In others where the origin, purpose and significance of Christmas could be mentioned, the story is incomplete or distorted for the most part. We pray that through activities, sermons and personal testimonies, […]

Prayer Request (2018.12)

Where is Jesus “I have no money to support my family. I have had depression and want to commit suicide. I have believed in the Lord for many years. Where is Jesus? I have been unemployed for more than ten years. Jesus, why do you forsake me? When I was young, you abandoned me. I was admitted to a specialized secondary school in 1980. I started working in a state-owned enterprises as a steel- making professional in 1984. But then […]

China News & Prayer (2018.12.16-22)

Taking Care of Mother “I am 62 years old, born in the countryside. When I was six, my mother got an eye disease and got blinded. That day onwards, I became mother’s white cane, taking her everywhere. At the beginning of her blindness, mother was thwarted and always in bad mood. Since then, I learned to be independent and strong; learned to take care of her life, to cook and make noodles. I started elementary school at nine and knew […]

China News & Prayer (2018.12.09-15)

I can Read “I am 73 years old. I have never studied in a school. I am illiterate. I even do not know the characters of my name. I can only listen to sermons when I attend Sunday services. I do not know how to sing hymns. Once I heard a pastor saying in his sermon that Jesus cured a blind man of Jericho. Jesus was quoted as speaking to him, ‘Receive your sight; your faith has healed you.’ The […]

China News & Prayer (2018.12.01-08)

Knowing Jesus “I spent my happy childhood in an old village where I was accompanied with friends of my age. No one though would talk about Jesus nor Christianity as all adults were temple-goers and they worshipped the stones or so with incense sticks. As a child, I also liked joining the majority to share the bustling, fun and the delicious food there on every 15th of the first month. My mother, who was not well educated, would take me […]

China News & Prayer (2018.11.25-30)

Soccer Gambling “Once I fell into the snare of the stock market and lost everything. When I was hopeless, the Lord chose me. After I had believed in the Lord, I had returned to virtue with no desires for four years. But I began to participate in soccer gambling when the World Cup 2018 started, and I spent my hard earned money on soccer gambling. I could not help spending my borrowed money on gambling occasionally. I know that Satan […]

China News & Prayer (2018.11.18-24)

Husband and I “My husband and I have been married for 8 months. He loves to do his own things, like playing basketball, watching games, reading books and playing online games, but most important is that he is not focused and he is messy. Asking him to tidy up is rather difficult, and he thinks I am bothering him. Once he was sick, I stayed home with him. But he just kept playing online games all day at home. Earlier […]

China News & Prayer (2018.11.11-17)