Nothing is impossible

I am a second-generation Christian in my family, and have not completed junior-secondary education. Although a silent introvert, I am sincere and loyal to God.

My first Bible was printed in traditional Chinese. I read with much difficulty but was willing to start from nothing by looking up the characters in the dictionary to learn the Word of God. Afterwards, God prepared some spiritual books sent from Hong Kong to enhance my spiritual life. Unable to take part in the training away from home, I started a course at Liangyou Theological Seminary (LTS). The LTS programme covers a wide range of ministry areas and I have benefited from the course a lot. When the radio signal reception was poor, I would extend the antenna and sometimes even had to move the antenna to a direction that could improve the signal. God was merciful to me and I completed the foundation course. I am studying a diploma course and will be soon graduated.

God has made me the keeper of one of His pastures. For the development of the church, I felt obliged to train the servants of God and teach young children. Although facing with objection from the seniors, God helped me find faith in Him and solve the problems one by one by blessing me with abundant grace. Besides, God let me see the importance to build an independent church for the Christians who have joined family churches, with a view to meeting the needs of the church development. The staff and seniors of the church did not think it was necessary due to no contributions. Nevertheless, God is merciful and gracious and has fulfilled our dream. Our church has been making steady progress to accomplish His mission and materialise His eternal plan.

I have been much impressed by a line from a spiritual book I read, “God is my master and I am willing to preach His Word.” I have added another line to complete the meaning, “Loyal until death.” The phrase has given me courage to serve God for over 30 years. Everything is in God’s Hands. Trust in God with all our heart and everything will be possible!

Brother Li, Hebei Province