Prayer Request (2018.05)

60 years of company: Ever since its establishment in 1958, FEBC Hong Kong has come through a cycle of 60 years. The path we take to spread the gospel to the mainland by broadcasting has not been a plain one, often with ventures over high mountains and deep valleys. Yet our faithful Lord has kept us company all the time, leading us over obstacles and out of the haze. In the days to come, we will surely trust in the Lord with all our heart and keep leaning on Him in all challenges and difficulties, to do our utmost in the mission of proclaiming Christ all over China through broadcasting and new media!

Broadcast responses: In the past month, our broadcasts on both radio and new media platforms were moving along as usual. The hour count for schedule broadcasts hit a record high of over 55,000, and the number of users on various platforms even went up to 290,000. The Liangyou Index has also risen by 20% compared to that of last month.

Pressing Forward with Passion: Radio Liangyou’s theme of the year is Pressing Forward with Passion. Two feature events have been launched: Scripture Recital and Prayer Warrior. They have been enthusiastically received with active involvement. Listeners by themselves or with their family called on the radio station incessantly to do the Bible recital. The initial quota for Prayer Warriors was 600, but just the first day we released the recruitment notice, nearly 1,000 people signed in! Do pray for our listeners for their practice on Bible reading and supplication.

Local Broadcasts: FEBC Hong Kong’s applications for two programs of RTHK-Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS) have both been accepted. We will be co-producing with our partners A Cappella with You (to be released July to September) and Between the Bars (October to December). Soooradio will also run advanced training courses in May. Please pray for our local broadcasting ministries, so more citizens can benefit from our broadcasts to acquire messages of Biblical values and the wisdom for salvation.