A Feeling Beyond Words

I am blind, growing up in a farming community and have never been to school. I have been currently practising Chinese therapeutic massage and Tuina (traditional Chinese massage).

In 2001, I was randomly selecting channels on the radio and found Radio Liangyou. I was very much touched when listening to the voice of the broadcaster and the hymns played. I did not know how to descript my feeling. It was beyond words. I felt overwhelmed yet soothing. I did not feel the same when listening to other stations. I think I must be touched by the Holy Spirit.

At the beginning, I did not understand what I was listening to everyday. Afterward I figured out that the programs were all related to the book “Bible”, and got to understand what Christianity was about. I decided to pursue being a Christian while listening to the programs. I then made a heart decision with prayer guided by the program host and became a Christian.

Before I have believed in Jesus, I was arrogant and thought that I was always right. After becoming a Christian, I have learnt a lot of Biblical Truth. I have been taught to tell right from wrong and whether something is good or bad. I have never studied in school, yet I have received a quality education from Radio Liangyou. God has gradually transformed and changed my life.

I record the programs every day and listen to them repeatedly, trying to memorize the content. I also repeat reciting the Bible verses over and over again until I memorize them.

Brother Zhang, Guizhou Province