Prayer Request (2018.02)

Present in Fullness: In the past 60 years, we have been spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ over China through broadcasting. With the new scene on the mainland, the church is in more ways hampered in the instructing of the truth and preaching of the good news. FEBC Hong Kong will therefore strengthen our proclamation of the gospel and the teaching of the truth, so that we can present the word of God in its fullness to ensure promising growth in believers’ lives.

Mainland Broadcasts: In January 2018, we got 4,827 listener responses, program tune-ins on our web and social portals over 960,000 times. Listeners visited our programed broadcasts for more than 48,000 hours and graphic-text reading amounted to 3.4 million times. Thanks so much to our staff for their great effort exploring new media platforms, so that many more listeners can have access to our programs and get helped and equipped. Please pray that we can have better mastery in employing new media and platforms for the ministry.

Local Broadcasts: Thank our Father that we can take part in RTHK-Community Involvement Broadcasting Service (CIBS). On the airwaves we pass to our Hong Kong citizens content and messages pertaining to Biblical values. The program “Unto the End of the Earth” just aired has got favorable feedback. Besides, our local Cantonese channel Soooradio, launched last year, has also obtained delightful results.