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Listener Responses: In March we received 7,440 responses from mainland listeners, a rise of 42% from the previous month. Radio Liangyou web portal downloads neared 1.9 million, a 16% more. The total listening hours of Liangyou Radio’s streaming media reached 22,163 hours, also at a rise of 12%. We have 650 more ‘Liangyou Fans’ and 122 new students enrolled at LTS. Please keep on praying for our gospel broadcasting ministry on the mainland. May the Lord bless our fellow countrymen through […]

Prayer Request (2017.04)

Bewilderment in Marriage “I was just married for less than a month when my husband asked for a divorce, and no sooner I found out I was pregnant. As such, we lived apart for just less than two years. The day following the Mid-Autumn Festival, my husband said he wanted to take a migrant job. My mother-in-law remarked he had to choose between her and me, so he opted for me to go home. I did not agree and he […]

China News & Prayer (2017.04.23-30)

Left Behind Children Government announced at the end of 2016 that a total of 9.02 million children who aged below 16 were left behind in the rural. Among which 89.3% of them, i.e. 8.05 million, lived with their grandparents whilst 0.3 million was cared for by other relatives. Sadly, 0.36 million of them were entirely alone. Poor financial condition might be one of the causes that drove young parents to work elsewhere; flight from sustained rural livelihoods might be the […]

China News & Prayer (2017.04.16-23)

After two years’ basic Bible training, God’s call came to me and He placed me in a historical but desolate village church. However, even with the two-year training, I still found myself inadequate and was longing for further training. But limitations because of age, family and church setting deprived me of the opportunity. In 2013, with the referral of a co-worker, I applied for the LTS diploma program. I was doing my LTS studies while serving. My servings were rather […]

Paradise for Believers

In July and August last year, I was introduced to a QQ radio broadcasting the programs of “Manna in the Wilderness” and “Bible Exposition” from 8 to 9 every morning. I could not listen to the whole programs as I needed to work, but I knew they were good. Recently, I have found your programs in a WeChat group and they are released by a church brother. Now I can listen to the programs anywhere and anytime and will not […]

Broadcast in my Salon

I have been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis since 1983. The chronic pain then deprived me of sleep every night. At around midnight one evening, I listened to a program on Radio Liangyou. At that time, I barely understood anything nor knew anything about Christianity, but simply listened to the Bible as if it was a kind of historic stories. My condition was unstable and my health continued to deteriorate. I was diagnosed with severe disabilities more than 20 years ago. […]

God’s Word Heals

Broadcasting for Zhuang Among the Chinese ethnic minorities, the population of Zhuang is the greatest. About 18 million of Zhuang people mainly live in the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Gospel had been spread to them since 1844. Up to now, there are tens of thousands of Zhuang believers, but they still account for a very low proportion of their population. FEBC began to produce and broadcast Zhuang gospel programs in 1990. Programs are in two Zhuang dialects: Hongshuihe and Debao. […]

China News & Prayer (2017.04.09-15)

I became a Christian in 2007, and have been listening to programs of Radio Liangyou through WeChat for quite a long time. When the programs were not broadcasted through WeChat, I downloaded them to my mobile phone and listened to them while travelling in a vehicle. Liangyou’s programs have cultivated my spiritual life. The messages touch on a wide range of subjects. I am motivated by the teachings on family, personal life and characters of Christians and family obligations, and […]

WeChat Audience

I Am Captivated “I prayed to God to prepare a spouse for me who I could walk the pilgrim with. Last few years, I turned down many admirers amongst who were unbelievers or pseudo Christians. After a tiring searching, I intentionally left this issue behind. Recently, the potential Mr Right who was introduced by a sister at church appears and has deeply captivated me. I am also much inspired by him that even some of my pigheaded beliefs are shaking […]

China News & Prayer (2017.04.01-08)