Broadcast in my Salon

In July and August last year, I was introduced to a QQ radio broadcasting the programs of “Manna in the Wilderness” and “Bible Exposition” from 8 to 9 every morning. I could not listen to the whole programs as I needed to work, but I knew they were good. Recently, I have found your programs in a WeChat group and they are released by a church brother. Now I can listen to the programs anywhere and anytime and will not be restricted by broadcast time slots.

Radio Liangyou has been a great help to me. I need God to lead my life in all matters regardless of their importance and so pray to Him every day. Bible verses are always quoted in “Manna in the Wilderness”, and they are just like God’s messages to help me respond to life’s circumstances with extra wisdom. I like both “Throne of Grace” and “Embrace Each Day” that cover a wide range of subjects and inspire me a lot.

I am running a hair salon in a university campus. It is not easy for the teachers and students to accept a religious belief. I therefore have an idea of allowing them to listen unintentionally to the programs to arouse their curiosity. My favourite programs are broadcast in my hair salon. I share the belief with them when they seek to know more.

Now many people keep asking me questions about the religion. I can only briefly explain what I have known to them as I am a new believer myself. I try listening to various kinds of programs, and then share the touching episodes with others and introduce the programs to them.

Sister Zhang, Shanxi Province