WeChat Audience

I became a Christian in 2007, and have been listening to programs of Radio Liangyou through WeChat for quite a long time. When the programs were not broadcasted through WeChat, I downloaded them to my mobile phone and listened to them while travelling in a vehicle.

Liangyou’s programs have cultivated my spiritual life. The messages touch on a wide range of subjects. I am motivated by the teachings on family, personal life and characters of Christians and family obligations, and especially touched by the stories about missionary preaching in China. I recommended the programs to my mother who then recommended them to my father. Thank God that my father became a Christian before passing away at the age of over 80.

I got to know about Radio Liangyou in a WeChat group. I will continue to share Liangyou’s programs with other people through this channel. People love your programs. I have also created a group on WeChat to share programs, and many members say they have benefited. There are about 80 members in the group who listen to and share the programs too.

I have always kept Radio Liangyou in my prayers. I pray to God that He will bless the broadcasting and the back office staff, equipment and facilities, etc. May God bless everyone and His word be broadcasted throughout the world freely.

Sister Ba, Guizhou Province