Paradise for Believers

After two years’ basic Bible training, God’s call came to me and He placed me in a historical but desolate village church. However, even with the two-year training, I still found myself inadequate and was longing for further training. But limitations because of age, family and church setting deprived me of the opportunity. In 2013, with the referral of a co-worker, I applied for the LTS diploma program.

I was doing my LTS studies while serving. My servings were rather affected due to conditions in the church. When brothers and sisters needed help, I had to exert my best effort to be with them, and that made me very exhausted and dejected. […] But all these external elements had not distracted me from persisting till the end. I never thought of giving up. For any query that emerged, I went back to the course contents, jotting down main points while listening. When something dawned on me that I had never learned before, I was particularly exhilarated. Once I was doing my paper after a church service. It was 2:00am and I was almost done, but I forgot to save my work. Everything vanished. I longed to go to bed, but couldn’t put aside the paper. I finally did it and had it successfully submitted at five in the morning. No sleep that night, but there was unsurpassed joy in my heart!

On receiving the graduation notice, I was joyful and full of gratitude! Getting the graduation certificate and the prizes was even more satisfying. […] I cannot count the Lord’s blessings in words! LTS is indeed a paradise for believers to embrace Bible truths and spiritual training. The pure teaching conducted by ultra-conscientious teachers was just like Paul the spiritual father nurturing the lambs of God. […] Here may I extend my gratitude to our great teachers! You have worked really hard. Thanks so much for taking all the pains and going about everything, unknown!

Sister Lu, Gansu Province