God’s Word Heals

I have been suffering from ankylosing spondylitis since 1983. The chronic pain then deprived me of sleep every night. At around midnight one evening, I listened to a program on Radio Liangyou. At that time, I barely understood anything nor knew anything about Christianity, but simply listened to the Bible as if it was a kind of historic stories.

My condition was unstable and my health continued to deteriorate. I was diagnosed with severe disabilities more than 20 years ago. I kept listening to Radio Liangyou periodically while living in poverty with many challenges. In 2012, a family church in Guangzhou had accommodated me in their place, and my living condition slightly improved. A sister of the church gave me a radio and I listened to the programs almost every day since then.

Thank Radio Liangyou for sending me the message from God to save my soul and give me an eternal life. I am given hope, comfort and encouragement to live with the disease. I am grateful for the kindness of the church to give me a home when I was in need. My heartfelt thanks to all brothers and sisters of the church!

Ours is a church comprising people with a generally low educational level, and most of us are illiterate or semi-illiterate. Thank God for touching the heart of an unknown sister to give me a radio. I have shared the radio with my brothers and sisters to encourage them to listen to Liangyou programs every day.

Brother Li, Guangdong Province