Programming Strategy

“Project Passion & Partners” is the new programming strategy aiming at rallying listeners to passionately join hands with Radio Liangyou in reaching out to the lost and under-privileged of the society. Radio Liangyou is also keen on advocating mission outreach to the ethnic minorities.

  • Respond to Contemporary
  • Regenerate Strategy
  • Rekindle Passions
  • Revitalize Broadcast Outreach

Focus in priority sequence – the six M’s:

  1. Ethnic Minorities: Plan and coordinate broadcast for Ethnic Minorities by soliciting partnership from local believers;
  2. Mobilization: Involve listeners to share the vision of outreach by media, challenge the believers to reach out to the lost;
  3. Mobile Platforms: Develop new programs for mobile platforms and build up brand names for mobile apps;
  4. Multiply: Provide coaching to lay leaders in ministries relating to multiply believers and bring forth church growth;
  5. Mercy: Design radio programs to promote learning from our Lord and show mercy to the needy people;
  6. Mission: Stimulate greater passion for mission, and educate Chinese Churches to carry out mission works within and outside China.