Chinese people face enormous life challenges and live under great psychological pressures, when they encounter such life problems (as in marriage, occupational, emotional, etc.), they often don’t know how to deal with them. In view of their needs, not only would FEBC produce suitable program contents to be broadcasted through Radio Liangyou and its websites, we would also produce CDs and micro-SD cards, which can easily be sent to them. Besides, Chinese churches lack spiritual resources, and many believers crave for them. We can serve Chinese believers by doing what we can by providing and supplying them with spiritual books and materials.

The above CDs, books and other materials, as well as our Radio Liangyou souvenirs, are all in simplified Chinese or in Putonghua. You are welcome to request them for your Christian or non-Christian friends and relatives, or as short-term mission resources. Free will offering is appreciated.