China News & Prayer (2024.02.01-08)

Be Thankful to Give

“I have been a Christian since I was young and have seldom encountered any difficulties under God’s protection. As a listener of Radio Liangyou since the 80s, I have been living a spiritual life that helps me a lot. My husband is a Christian. We have a daughter have the same spirit of faith. God’s grace is so big. We have different views or beliefs that clash but will pray together. Christ is greater than any problems and we could solve all peacefully. I have learnt the importance of the family altar. Thank you Jesus. Listening to Radio Liangyou every day is fruitful. May God continue to use Radio Liangyou to reach and win over more unbelievers!”

(Sister Feng)

  • Happy to learn that God is glorified by Sister Feng’s family. May God keep leading the family and let the second generation to take up her cross to bless others.

Husband-wife Relationship

“My husband works in a foreign place. I have found that he has watched the channels of beauty influencers frequently and would pay them money while watching live. He has had an affair. There are a lot of women in his communications software. He has spent all his money on the mistress. Without any choice, I quit my job and stay with my husband. However, it is difficult to have a broken relationship repaired. He admitted that he had an abnormal relationship but has never repented. Sometimes he says sweet words but still acts in his own way. He said that he stayed in the marriage only because of our youngest son. We have three children. The eldest is a university student. I love him with God’s love, but cannot forgive him for treating me badly.

(Sister Zhou)

  • May God comfort Sister Zhou. May God change her husband, save his life, help him repair his relationship with his wife and be a good example to their children.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. Program production: In this new year, new segments will be introduced to different programs. We pray that the producers and hosts of these programs will have boundless creativity, making the programs more diverse and achieving breakthroughs. Additionally, we seek God’s guidance for online interactions with our listeners, that they may be grateful and that the network connections remain smooth.
  2. New CE Appointed: Under God’s guidance, Pastor Daniel Chow will assume the position of Chief Executive of FEBC Hong Kong starting from March 1. We earnestly request prayers for Pastor Chow, that he may lead the staff with the wisdom and courage, and uphold the mission of our organization, spreading the gospel message through broadcasting to the Chinese community in China and around the world.