China News & Prayer (2024.01.25-31)

Free from Bondage

“I used to be a very corrupt person. I lived like this for over a decade. Later, I believed in the Lord, but initially, I couldn’t break free from the bondage of sin, and my heart lacked peace. I realized that I couldn’t continue like this, so I prayed to the Lord, asking God to help me free from the control of lust. Thank the Lord for looking after me and completely eliminating my sin of lust. I’ve been hesitant to buy a smartphone for fear of being tempted again, knowing that I can’t overcome it. Now, I enjoy memorizing Bible verses and resist being tempted with the words from the Bible. I listen to Radio Liangyou every day, and it brings me great joy. I’m grateful for the host’s help and prayers!”

(Brother Li)

  • It is grateful to see Brother Li who has completely broken free from the bondage of sin through the Lord. May God continue to help Brother Li in his growth.

Psychological Teachers

Psychological teachers in schools play a crucial role in the well-being of adolescents. However, there is a phenomenon of marginalization of psychological education in China schools. The main force consists mainly of part-time teachers, with one psychological teacher often responsible for thousands of students. Combined with a lack of professional knowledge and skills, the services provided may not have practical effects. Although there are numerous training programs provided by relevant organizations, they lack specificity. Teachers who aspire to professional development and seek skill training and supervision have to bear the expenses themselves, which discourages many individuals. On the other hand, psychological teachers do not receive the same recognition and income as homeroom teachers and teachers of other subjects in terms of job titles and remuneration.

(“Banyuetan”, December 4, 2023)

  • While praying for the well-being of students’ mental health, the education community should also pay attention to the voices of psychological teachers, caring for their needs and growth, ensuring they receive comprehensive and up-to-date training, appropriate workload, and remuneration.

Ancient Group

The Buyi ethnic group, with a population of over 4 million, is among the ten largest minority ethnic groups in the country. They hold the distinction of being the oldest minority group in the southern region and are primarily concentrated in the southern part of Guizhou Province. When it comes to evangelical work, they can be considered a marginalized minority. The mainland missionary, Watts, played a significant role as the first missionary to introduce the gospel to the Buyi people. In 1891, he established a missionary base in Xingyi City. Unfortunately, he was compelled to leave the area in 1902. In the end of 20th century, missionaries began spreading the gospel among students, leading young people from different ethnic groups, including the Buyi, to embrace Christianity. Certain Buyi youths received encouragement and support, and upon completing their studies, they wholeheartedly devoted themselves to serving the Lord.


  • We are grateful for the fruits of the gospel borne by the missionaries. However, the current environment does not allow them to stay. The young workers, undaunted by difficulties, have taken up the mantle of shepherding. In the coming year, they are rising to the challenge and preparing to produce audio gospel pamphlets to spread the gospel to their fellow countrymen.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. 75th Anniversary: This year is Radio Liangyou’s 75th anniversary, we hope to celebrate and count God’s blessings with our listeners. It all started when our founders were granted a “Power Unlimited” broadcast license from the Philippines’ authorities. On the same note, the Almighty God, with His unlimited power, has also snatched us out from the grips of death to become children of God. Let’s give our praises to the Lord.
  2. New Generator: For quite some time now, the backup generator at Iba transmission site has gone down, resulting in suspension of broadcast — Radio Liangyou Channel One — whenever there is a power outage. Now with the support from our ministry partner, a new generator has been purchased and paid for, and shipment arrival is pending.