China News & Prayer (2024.01.18-24)

Workplace Relationship

“I have been working for almost half a year. My colleagues asked me to do other things and so I did. Later, I gradually felt that it was too much. When my colleagues or leader asked me to do things other than my job duties, I flatly refused. As a result, my junior leader snitched on me and my senior leader wanted to transfer me to another department. I had just adapted to the work here and I was unwilling to leave. Then I talked about my situation with the leader. He said the issue had been resolved. I am so depressed and don’t know what to do. In addition, I have to take care of my child at night and go to work during the daytime. I don’t have enough energy. Therefore I have stopped joining my cell group and services in the Sunday school. Some church members have queried me, saying that I don’t love God. I feel wronged.”

(Sister Fan)

  • Please pray that the Lord will give the sister wisdom to properly handle various problems in her family and workplace. Also pray that she will have good testimony in her workplace to influence her colleagues and result in harmonious relationships among the colleagues.

The Epidemic of Respiratory Disease

The winter respiratory disease is prevalent in many parts of China. The children’s demand is especially obvious. Taking Yaojia Health Center in Hengfeng County, Jiangxi Province as an example, the number of daily medical cases has increased from more than 40 to nearly 100 cases. Various medical institutions have allocated resources to improve medical services. This includes increase of consultation hours, increase of the number of outpatient pediatric doctors and pharmacies’ staff members who are on duty, provision of weekend consultations, additional purchase of infusion chairs and conversion of adult wards into comprehensive pediatric wards, etc. In addition, the service processes are improved to ensure adequate supply of medicine so that patients can receive appropriate treatment as quickly as possible.

(“CCTV News”, December 6, 2023)

  • Please pray for this epidemic of respiratory disease. It is hoped that all children will receive effective treatment. May the Lord give medical staff a loving heart and enable medical institutions everywhere to meet the current needs of community residents.

Marital Relationship

“My wife has an affair, but she refused to admit it. Many years ago, I discovered that the content of her chat account was very extraordinary. She explained that someone else had logged into her account to chat. She also said that if I asked further, she would be desperate. Our child was still little at that time. Then I let go. For those two years she hadn’t slept with me in the same room and we had quarreled a lot. My heart was broken immediately after I had discovered a few condoms in her workplace. I didn’t know how to face it. Furthermore, I have lost trust in her. I have been trapped in painful memories and often have insomnia. I have not thought about seeking God’s help.”

(Brother Dong)

  • Ask the Lord to comfort the brother’s sad and painful heart, and help him to firmly look to the Lord’s wisdom to make the best decision. Pray that the Lord will help his wife turn around to repent and stop sinking in sins.

There Is Love In the World

In order to let needy people to get through the winter with warmth in Sichuan Province, the local Civil Affairs Department issued the “Special Action Plan for People in Need to get through the Winter with Warmth”. It will focus on nine tasks: strengthening the monitoring and assistance for low-income people, organizing condolence activities for people in need, timely distribution of various types of funds and materials, strengthening services of care and visits for needy elderly people, strengthening services of care for children in predicaments, proactively inspecting community facilities to eliminate hidden hazards, providing emergency relief to people in predicaments, providing assistance to the homeless and beggars, and mobilizing community people to participate in charity activities to help needy people solve their actual problems of surviving the winter.

(“Chuanguan News”, December 4, 2023)

  • Please pray that more people will care about the disadvantaged groups so as to let them receive the respect and appropriate support they deserve.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. 75th Anniversary: This year is Radio Liangyou’s 75th anniversary, we hope to celebrate and count God’s blessings with our listeners. It all started when our founders were granted a “Power Unlimited” broadcast license from the Philippines’ authorities. On the same note, the Almighty God, with His unlimited power, has also snatched us out from the grips of death to become children of God. Let’s give our praises to the Lord.
  2. New Generator: For quite some time now, the backup generator at Iba transmission site has gone down, resulting in suspension of broadcast — Radio Liangyou Channel One — whenever there is a power outage. Now with the support from our ministry partner, a new generator has been purchased and paid for, and shipment arrival is pending.