China News & Prayer (2024.01.11-17)

Feeling Depressed

“I have been in a very bad mood recently. I don’t know why I sigh all the time. I have no confidence and courage in my life. Being depressed and perplexed, I have no direction. My future is dim, empty and monotonous. All negative emotions are added to my world. I feel like I’m controlled by a demon and cannot be released. The darkness of disappointment, the unprecedented feeling of loss and frustration crush me mercilessly. I don’t understand why my mood is so low. My life seems to have reached a dead end and I feel helpless. It seems like walking in an endless slough and abyss, and losing motivation. Why don’t I always rejoice and give thanks in everything? Is it because of sin or the pressure of life? I hope that you will pray for me so that I will re-establish confidence and courage.”

(Brother Song)

  • The Lord knows what causes this brother to be shrouded by negative emotions. Pray that the Lord’s words touch deeply the brother’s heart, remove the gloom and give him a joyful heart.

Unfair Transactions

There is a business of renting cell phones to cater to the needs of young people in China. The gimmick of using high-end phones at a “low monthly rent” is adopted., but it hides many traps that can undermine the rights and interests of consumers. Some customers have reported that the default lease of most rental platforms is one year or more. Once the lease is overdue, the customer is required to pay a high buyout fee. Even if he is willing to buy out the phone, some platforms still do not lift the regulatory locking mechanism to restrict his right of use. There are even some users reporting that they have rented “stolen property” which is eventually confiscated by the police. Moreover, pricing for depreciation and damage fees, etc. are entirely decided by the platforms, leaving customers with almost no effective appealing channels.

(“China National Radio”, December 11, 2023)

  • These are caused by human greed. Please pray that businessmen can resist the temptation of money, carry out transactions according to the principle of fairness, and provide a mechanism to allow consumers to have the rights of appeal.

Paying Back The Lord

“I used to be under a lot of stress due to my child’s studies. I also had some emotional problems. Then I communicated with the program host of Radio Liangyou and followed the host’s instructions. I also want to thank you for praying for me. Currently I’m doing well in all aspects. My child has been admitted to a key local high school. This is really the grace and favor of God. So I feel touched to donate. I used not to tell my husband about my offering to the church. But I think that it is inappropriate to hide it all the time. So I have screwed up my courage to tell him this time. But he is very unhappy and opposes me. Moreover, my husband has a hardened heart regarding the Christian faith. I have been taking care of him and helping him according to the teachings of the Bible. But at present I still haven’t seen his change yet. I think that he doesn’t respect my faith.”

(Sister Lei)

  • Thank God for Sister Lei’s family and His miraculous work for the child. May the Lord continue to lead the child along the journey ahead and send the Holy Spirit to inspire her husband to believe in God.

Privacy Threats

“Human flesh unboxing” refers to the use of illegal means to publicly expose other people’s private data for the purpose of malicious attacks. A group of people is recruited online to keep an eye on a target’s online and offline movements through division of labor and cooperation. Anonymous messages will be sent to harass, intimidate, abuse and insult the target from time to time. It is reported that “Human flesh unboxing” has formed a chain of black industries. Hacker organizations make use of “big data” to integrate and analyze information such as users’ phone number, ID cards, addresses, etc. and archive them centrally to form a platform. It only costs people tens to hundreds of RMB to buy this information.

(“Beijing Evening News”, December 12, 2023)

  • Ask the Lord to give people wisdom and kindness so that they will not publicly judge others online and become accomplices of hackers selling privacy. Please pray that the government will strengthen the enforcement of the laws related to online bullying.

Gospel Broadcasting

  1. 75th Anniversary: This year is Radio Liangyou’s 75th anniversary, we hope to celebrate and count God’s blessings with our listeners. It all started when our founders were granted a “Power Unlimited” broadcast license from the Philippines’ authorities. On the same note, the Almighty God, with His unlimited power, has also snatched us out from the grips of death to become children of God. Let’s give our praises to the Lord.
  2. New Generator: For quite some time now, the backup generator at Iba transmission site has gone down, resulting in suspension of broadcast — Radio Liangyou Channel One — whenever there is a power outage. Now with the support from our ministry partner, a new generator has been purchased and paid for, and shipment arrival is pending.