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Radio Kid Listener “I have been a listener of your radio station since I was a kid. Believing in the same God, my whole family would listen to the radio together. I am working for an old lady who became a Christian a year ago. She has a two-week old grand-daughter. Suffering from the moyamoya disease (a disorder of blood vessels in the brain), she had an operation in Beijing eight months ago. Still feeling dizzy, she requires follow-up in […]

China News & Prayer (2023.05.25-31)

Looking Back: This year happens to be the 65th anniversary of the inauguration of FEBC Hong Kong. In customary practice, the fifths are less celebrated than the tenths, perhaps that’s why I was not aware of the occasion at the beginning of the year. Coincidentally, several of our staff members that were born 65 years ago are also reaching their ripe age ready for retirement. Each one of them has been our good partner serving with us faithfully over these […]

Prayer Request (2023.05)

Bouncing and Yelling “I am a Christian in Yunnan. Many churches in the rural areas of my hometown pay major attention to praise hymns singing rather than Bible teaching. They don’t even screen the hymns before singing them. Some of the so-called hymns are songs of popular melodies fitted with faith-related lyrics. In the end, congregations sing to praise like people in square dances, yelling and bouncing. Personally, I think that we should praise God out of our knowledge of […]

China News & Prayer (2023.05.18-24)

Full-time Preaching “After this year’s CNY, I first heard your program on my mobile phone. Because of God’s call and guidance, I want to equip myself to be able to share God’s words. Grateful that I have been admitted to a theological seminary, and the church I attend has scheduled me to preach frequently. They pay me a monthly salary of RMB $700, and our pastor will actually be leaving in September to undergo a three-year theological training. The church […]

China News & Prayer (2023.05.11-17)

Tomb-Sweeping Day “My husband goes tomb-sweeping in his hometown every year. Tomb-sweeping is very important to his family. This makes me unhappy every time and I will argue with him. He is going home with his younger brother this afternoon and will go tomb-sweeping next morning. Please urgently pray for me that I can be patient and have faith in God to win over the disturbance. Pray that my husband will no longer be a blind believer doing things God […]

China News & Prayer (2023.05.01-10)