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Superstition is blind faith for, without true understanding, something which is even wrong or fake. Belief is justified by a true recognition of something which is real and right through acquiring knowledge and experience. Some audience once had questions marks on their minds and then had their doubts cleared after pursuing God for a period of time. They are willing to submit to Jesus and gradually build their religious foundation through what they believe. Change Your Thinking By chance, I […]

It’s Belief but not Superstition

Struggle with Drug Abuse “One day I discovered that my husband has been taking methadone every day. He is a drug addict and he is hiding this from me. My husband has always been good to me and our child, retrospectively speaking. Always trying his best to make ends meet and our wants satisfied, he has been working hard to get out of the addiction to return to normalcy. Besides, my husband needs to travel every day to take care […]

China News & Prayer (2021.05.22-31)

Supervision by Government “Staff of the Township Government Office came to our church on Sunday while we were having worship. They wanted the leader to sign the consent to the government’s joining the management of the church. We, otherwise, will not be allowed to continue with our gatherings. Some church staff refused for fear that the church wouldn’t have any say in anything after signing the consent. The government officials got by force the fingerprint of an old lady who […]

China News & Prayer (2021.05.15-21)

Our Strength, Our Days: Although the Coronas pandemic in Hong Kong seemed to have its rise and fall in recent months, our colleagues have all returned to work in the office. However, a couple of them were involved in some injuries that needed hospital treatments. We are thankful that they are alright. Life often has to go through trials. Pray that our Heavenly Father will keep His children safe, that our strength will equal our days. New Administrative Measures: The […]

Prayer Request (2021.05)

Borrowing Money from Me “Must we lend others money if we are asked to? A church sister requested a loan for her daughter’s dance training because she didn’t have money to pay for school fees. Her husband is working out of town and they have only one child. Dancing class seems not a must if they don’t have money for school fees. I didn’t lend her any money. This sister seldom came to church. Occasionally, she asks us to pray […]

China News & Prayer (2021.05.08-14)

Slip Down the Hill “Because of slippery mountain path, I fell down the slope and fractured my ankle while I was plucking tea. After having my foot plastered at the hospital the foreman immediately bought a ticket and sent me back to my hometown. Now I cannot stand without assistance. The local authorities suggested me, ‘get the verification of disability and then sue the foreman.’ But I don’t want to sue him. But they said, ‘application for compensation should be […]

China News & Prayer (2021.05.01-07)