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Addicted to Gambling “The elder son of my aunt has been obsessed with gambling for more than two decades. He was so spoiled by his parents. In order to help him repay the debt, his father almost lost his life in a car accident. Although the debt was paid off by father’s accident compensation, he didn’t quit gambling. His mother is exhausted, and she hopes that his gambling addiction can be broken by believing in Jesus. He had in fact […]

China News & Prayer (2020.04.23-30)

Post-80’s Sisters “In my church, there are many married or unmarried post-80’s sisters who have been diagnosed as having gynaecological diseases. Doctors recommend to them surgery which may lead to infertility or reduce the chance of fertility. But these are Christian sisters who have never conceived and given birth to children. Please ask the Lord to heal them. Hearing their sharing that they cannot do what they are supposed to do at their certain age and that they have more […]

China News & Prayer (2020.04.16-22)

I was a primary one or two student when first listening to Radio Liangyou on the new radio at home. My mother would tune in Radio Liangyou and play loudly almost every day when I was at home after school and at dinner time. The whole family was listening to the programs which were presented in a relaxed and happy manner. I loved listening to stories and therefore was a loyal audience. My impression of Christians was old-fashioned and rigid. […]

My Three Encounters with Radio Liangyou

Whole Family Collapsed “The hospital informed me that my father was gone. Until now my whole family has collapsed. The two children have reduced fever, but three adults have continued to have a fever and severe symptoms. Currently among the three adults, only my wife can get up, but she is feeble after she has stood for a while. I have worked hard all the way for more than ten years to reach the middle class. When the natural disaster […]

China News & Prayer (2020.04.09-15)

Elderly Grandparents “Please save my beloved grandparents who are both 83 years old and have now highly suspected of novel coronavirus-infected pneumonia. Grandma has got tested but the result will take at least four days to reveal. The aged are diabetic, with symptoms of dementia and have difficulty in mobility. Only my emaciated aunt is taking care of them, and she is now urging for medicines, masks, alcohol, gloves and other supplies! I am hoping someone can help them find […]

China News & Prayer (2020.04.01-08)