My Three Encounters with Radio Liangyou

I was a primary one or two student when first listening to Radio Liangyou on the new radio at home. My mother would tune in Radio Liangyou and play loudly almost every day when I was at home after school and at dinner time. The whole family was listening to the programs which were presented in a relaxed and happy manner. I loved listening to stories and therefore was a loyal audience. My impression of Christians was old-fashioned and rigid. Yet the program hosts of Radio Liangyou were open and delightful to me! It was a pity that I had to stop listening to the radio at night in primary three as I needed to study.

My university roommate was a Radio Liangyou listener, and we listened to the programs together. I became an atheist after being promoted to secondary school and did not think about religion carefully until going to university. My mother kept praying for me in tears for years and always shared her testimonies of how God had blessed our family. I had no excuse but to admit that there was a God and repented wholeheartedly in 2002.

I came to know Jesus through Radio Liangyou. I would listen to sermons on the air to feed my soul. God then guided me to a church and the feeling was unprecedented. The preacher was a graduate of Liangyou Theological Seminary. He taught us the truths practically and encouraged me to take Liangyou Theological Seminary courses. I followed his advice and finally completed the diploma program. Knowing God is a lifelong pursuit. I still have a lot more to learn and want to put my learnings into practice.

Sister Gu, Henan Province